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Getting Started

Should this  information be located with helpful information instead of "Getting Started." Maybe this page should be apart how to start the foster/adopt process. 

What do you need to do within 24 hours of placement?

  • Fire drill with escape routes (At the bottom of the page you'll find a downloadable form that can help you create a home escape plan)
  • Tornado drill
  • Grievance procedure 
  • Tour of home
  • Foster child's rights
    • Make sure you give a copy of this printout to the foster child.
  • Rules of home, such as:
    • No hitting, pushing, or otherwise placing hands on any person in the house whether joking or not
    • No bad language
    • No music with bad language.
    • No playing with fire, matches, lighters
    • No playing with knives
    • No alchohol, drugs, cigarettes, tobacco, etc.
    • Must knock on all closed doors prior to entering
    • Cannot lock your bedroom dorr
    • When is bedtime
    • No children of the opposite sex in the same bedroom
What do you need to do within 14 days of placement?
  • Doctor visit within 14 days
  • Inventory children's clothes and possessions. Remember, the items brought into the house belong to the child and when the child leaves he/she takes those items.
What do you need to do within 8 weeks of placement?
  • Dental examination
What do you need to do monthly? (submit to your caseworker by the 10th of the month following month end)
  • Monthly reports that highlights the previous month
  • Monthly medication log



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