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New Life Church - Sunday Night
Messages from New Life's Sunday night service, led by Pastor David Perkins

Sunday Night Prayer Meetings
Dependent -David Perkins
Poured Out -David Perkins
Lean Forward in Faith -David Perkins
Faithful in Prayer -Wes Martin
The Speaking Voice -David Perkins
Digging A Well Of Prayer -Lee Cummings
Universal Presence -David Perkins
Removing the Veil -David Perkins
The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing -David Perkins
Follow Hard After God -David Perkins
Learning To Recognize God's Voice -David Perkins
Still Small Voice -David Perkins
Hearing God -David Perkins
Practical Steps For Being Alone With Jesus -David Perkins
Alone with Jesus -David Perkins
Around His Throne -David Perkins
Renewed In The Knowledge of God -David Perkins
Why 24-7 Prayer & Worship? -David Perkins
Crazy Faith -David Perkins
5 Challenges For Effective Fasting -David Perkins
Urgency -David Perkins
Heart of Fasting -Dana Candler
Pray and Fast -David Perkins
Pray Like A Child -David Perkins
Praying The Scriptures -David Perkins
Behold Him -David Perkins
History belongs to the Intercessor -Dick Eastman
Love His Presence -David Perkins
Trusting Prayer -David Perkins
Barren Prayer -David Perkins
Oh, To Love Prayer -David Perkins
Praying Church -David Perkins
Spiritual Battle -David Perkins
Prayer is for Everyone -David Perkins
Culture of Worship -David Perkins

Other Recent Sermons
Living like Jesus is the Risen King -Glenn Packiam
Fasting -David Perkins
Family Table -Glenn Packiam
Psalm 2 -Steven Todd
Three Steps in Either Direction -Gregg Hampton
An Unlikely Prayer Partner -Steven Todd
Waiting on Jesus -Glenn Packiam
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions -Glenn Packiam
Becoming The People of God -Glenn Packiam
Easter Baptism Service -Glenn Packiam
Remember Jesus Christ -David Perkins
Celebration Sunday - Three Words -Glenn Packiam
The Arrival -Glenn Packiam
Under New Management - Why We Work To End Injustice -Glenn Packiam
Eternity In Their Hearts - Part 2 -Steven Todd
Eternity In Their Hearts - Part 1 -Steven Todd
Sending Out Service - Sunday Night -Brady Boyd and Ross Parsley
Absent at Advent -Glenn Packiam
12 Secrets of Contentment -Ross Parsley
Night of Desperation -Ross Parsley and Desperation Band
Making Sense of Suffering -Rob Brendle
Growing Into Ourselves -Rob Brendle
The Jesus Tribe -David Perkins

Family Meetings
New Life Family Meeting -Brady Boyd
New Life Family Meeting -Brady Boyd
New Life Family Meeting -Brady Boyd
New Life Family Meeting -Brady Boyd
New Life Family Meeting -Brady Boyd
New Life Family Meeting -Brady Boyd
New Life Family Meeting -Brady Boyd

Forgiveness Revisited
Forgiveness Revisited: Part II - Jurisdiction -Rob Brendle
Forgiveness Revisited: Part I - The Forgiveness Problem -Rob Brendle

Sent Out
Sent Out: All We Need Is Love? -Rob Brendle
Sent Out: Not Only the Gospel -Rob Brendle
Sent Out: With My Own Two Hands -Rob Brendle
Sent Out: Rough Around the Edges -Rob Brendle

Demystifying Faith
Staying Amazed -Rob Brendle
The Key to Kingdom Come -Rob Brendle
Your Own Worst Enemy -Rob Brendle
Relax - The Foundation of Faith -Rob Brendle
To Seek or Not to Seek? -Rob Brendle
Fruit: How the Kingdom Works -Rob Brendle

The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit - Part 6: The Abiding Presence -Ross Parsley
The Holy Spirit - Part 5: The Pipeline -Rob Brendle
The Holy Spirit - Part 1: Ready, Set, Stay... -Rob Brendle

The Kingdom of God
A Different Kind of Kingdom -Rob Brendle
Playing to Win -Rob Brendle
At What Cost -Rob Brendle
The Gospel Jesus Preached -Rob Brendle

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