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NewLifeSundaySchool is an opportunity to deepen the roots of your faith and renew your mind as we tackle topics that are central to the Christian life. Through in-depth Bible study and explorations of core Christian doctrines and spiritual practices, you will be challenged in your walk with Christ.

Eschatology: What is the Christian Hope?
Week 4: Inaugurated Eschatology: What Does All This Means Here and Now? -Glenn Packiam
Week 3: New Heaven and New Earth: What Does the Restoration of All Things Mean? -Glenn Packiam
Week 2: Bodily Resurrection: What Happens When We Die? -Glenn Packiam
Week 1: More than Heaven: What is the End Goal? -Glenn Packiam

Old Testament 1: Pentateuch
Old Testament 1: Pentateuch, Week 6 -Matthew Ayers
Old Testament 1: Pentateuch, Week 2 -Matthew Ayers
Old Testament 1: Pentateuch, Week 1 -Glenn Packiam

Abiding in the Spirit
Abiding in the Spirit, Part 3: Doing -Russell Verhey
Abiding in the Spirit, Part 2: Being -Russell Verhey
Abiding in the Spirit, Part 1: Knowing -Russell Verhey

The Book of Psalms: Reading, Studying, and Praying the Psalms
Praying the Psalms -Glenn Packiam
The Poetry and Movement of the Psalms -Glenn Packiam
The Genre of the Psalms -Steven Todd
The Themes in the Psalms -Steven Todd

Spiritual Practices
The Practice of Sabbath, Silence, and Solitud -Glenn Packiam
The Practice of Fasting -Aaron Stern
The Practice of Prayer -David Perkins

Distinctive Christian Doctrines
What is the Kingdom of God and What Does It Mean For Us Both In This Age and in the Age to Come? -Steven Todd
What is God's Single, Sovereign, Saving Plan? -Glenn Packiam
Why is the Belief in the Trinity Central to Christianity? -Steven Todd

What is the Bible and How Do We Make Sense of It?
How Can I Study the Bible and Apply it? -Glenn Packiam
How Was the Bible Put Together? -Dr. Joe Kirkendall
What is the Bible About? -Glenn Packiam

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