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New Life Church - Sunday Morning
Experience messages from our Sunday morning services at New Life Church.

Worship Connect Serve
Better Together -Brady Boyd
Why Do We Worship -Brady Boyd and Jon Egan

Other Recent Sermons (2014)
Pray168 -New Life Church
Use what you have -Brandon Cormier
Life with a Capital "L" -Matt Heard
Rob Hoskins, Guest Speaker -Rob Hoskins
Finding God's Will -Greg Surratt
Arise and Shine -Lee Cummings
A Safe Place in a Dangerous World -Daniel Grothe
Apocalypse Now -Daniel Grothe
Learning To Live At Risk -Daniel Grothe
Light it Up -Brandon Cormier
God of the Underdogs -Matt Keller

Beauty From Ashes
Beauty From Ashes, A Story For Everyone To Hear Again -Brady Boyd
Guest Speaker: Robert Morris -Robert Morris
Beauty From Ashes: A Hope Filled Life -Brady Boyd
I Spy Gratitude -Brad Baker
Ron and Lynette Lewis, Guest Speakers -Ron and Lynette Lewis

Confidence Speaking to God -Brady Boyd
Beloved: Testing the Spirits -Brady Boyd
Beloved: A Colony of Heaven on Earth -Brady Boyd
Beloved: The Same Three Plays -Brady Boyd
Beloved: God is Light -Brady Boyd

Addicted to Busy
Addicted To Busy: God's Gift of Rest -Brady Boyd
Addicted to Busy: The Jesus Rhythm -Brady Boyd

Q and A
Q & A with Pastor Brady - Part 3 -Brady Boyd
Q & A with Pastor Brady - Part 2 -Brady Boyd
Q & A with Pastor Brady - Part 1 -Brady Boyd

Worthy of it All
Worthy of Our Suffering -David Perkins
Worthy of our Obedience -David Perkins
Worthy of our Worship -David Perkins

God at Work
God at Work: Job 1 -Brad Baker
God at Work: Work Rediscovered -Brad Baker
God at Work: The Toil and Joy of Work -Glenn Packiam
God at Work: Why We Work -Glenn Packiam

Church in the City
Church in the City: Give to One Another, Belong to One Another -Brady Boyd
Church in the City: Let's Finish the Way We Started -Brady Boyd
Church in the City: Build up the Church -David Perkins
Church in the City: Love Always Forever and No Matter What -Brady Boyd
Church in the City: Spiritual Gifts, Part Two -Brady Boyd
Church in the City: Spiritual Gifts, Part One -Brady Boyd
Church in the City: Tracing Out and Building Up -Daniel Grothe
Church in the City: Tempted But Winning -Brady Boyd
Church in the City: Run to Get the Prize -Brady Boyd
Church in the City: We Belong to One Another -Brady Boyd
Church in the City: Sex, Marriage, and the Single Life -Brady Boyd
Church in the City: Planting and Watering -Brady Boyd

Easter 2014
Hope Found At An Empty Tomb -Brady Boyd

Other Recent Sermons (2013)
Father's Day -Brady Boyd
Mother's Day -Brady Boyd
This Is My Story -Yvette Maher

Sacred - Christmas

Sacred: The Thanksgiving Meal -Brady Boyd
Sacred: The Scriptures -David Perkins
Sacred: The Holy Spirit -Brady Boyd

These Four Walls
God's Indestructible Plan for Marriage -Jimmy Evans

Our Father -Riaan Heyns
The Beauty of Desire -Daniel Grothe
A New Way -Brady Boyd


Good Friday
Good Friday -Daniel Grothe

Gifted Part 3: Giving, Leadership, Mercy -Brady Boyd
Gifted Part 2: Serving, Teaching, Encouragement -Brady Boyd
Gifted Part 1: Prophesy -Brady Boyd

Other Recent Sermons (2012)
Praying Church -David Perkins
Dream Center Swaziland -Tom Davis
A Beautiful Mess -Ross Parsley
The Best Advice Ever... -Greg Surratt
David, The Waiting King -Jimmy Evans
The Outcast, The Doubter, and The Failure -Brady Boyd
Nothing More, Nothing Less -Dino Rizzo
Surprise Gifts in Surprise Packages -Lynette Lewis
Move the Mountain -Brady Boyd
The Flourishing Life -Glenn Packiam

Acts, Week 28: Chapter 27 - On the Way There -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 27: Chapter 25 - God, I Trust You -David Perkins
Acts, Week 26: Chapter 24 - God Sorting Things Out, Setting Things Right -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 25: Chapter 23 - What God Says About the Government -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 24: Chapter 22 - God's Hand in Our Lives -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 23: Chapter 21 - A Life of Radical Obedience -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 22: Chapter 20 - A Life Well Spent -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 21: Chapter 19 - The Spread of the Gospel and the Power of a Name -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 20: Chapter 18 - How Does God Encourage Us? -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 19: Chapter 17 - God is not Far Away -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 17: Opportunity -Britt Hancock
Acts, Week 16: Chapter 15 - Gospel Preachers -David Perkins
Acts, Week 15: Chapter 14 - The Fickle Crowd and the Faithful Family -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 14: Chapter 13 - That Empty Tomb in Jerusalem -Daniel Grothe
Acts, Week 13: Chapter 12 - Sleeping Saints and the Unstoppable Kingdom -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 12: Chapter 11 - Repentance that Leads to Life -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 11: Chapter 10 - A Sincere Soldier and His Hungry Household -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 10: Chapter 9 - Bright Lights and Risky House Calls -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 9: Chapter 8 - Scattered Saints and a Joyful City -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 8: Chapter 7 - What is Your Last Sermon? -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 7: Chapter 6 - The Spaces a Man Needs -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 6: Chapter 5 - We are Witnesses -David Perkins
Acts, Week 5: Chapter 4 - No Other Name -Glenn Packiam
Acts, Week 4: Chapter 3 - Healing at the Gates -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 3: Chapter 2 - The Church and the Spirit -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 2: Chapter 2 - Becoming a People of the Holy Spirit -Brady Boyd
Acts, Week 1: Chapter 1 - Orphans, the Kingdom and the Ascended King -Brady Boyd

Legends and Misfits
Legends and Misfits, Week 9: Nehemiah -Brady Boyd
Legends and Misfits, Week 8: Solomon -Brady Boyd
Legends and Misfits, Week 8: Extravagant Worship and Devious Distractions -Glenn Packiam
Legends and Misfits, Week 7: David the Warrior -Brady Boyd
Legends and Misfits, Week 6: Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz -Brady Boyd
Legends and Misfits, Week 5: Joshua and Caleb -Brady Boyd
Legends and Misfits, Week 4: Moses -Brady Boyd
Legends and Misfits, Week 3: Peter -Robert Morris
Legends and Misfits, Week 2: Joseph -Brady Boyd
Legends and Misfits, Week 1: Father Abraham -Brady Boyd

Other Recent Sermons (2011)
God's Story and Two Willing People -Brady Boyd
Follow Me -Aaron Stern
Disarming Destructive Anger -Jimmy Evans
The Unexpected Adventure -Lee Strobel
The Church -Riaan Heyns
People of the Resurrection -Brady Boyd
Coming In and Going Out -Robert Morris
The Blessed Family -Tom Lane
Celebration Sunday 2011 -Brady Boyd

Luke (2011)
Luke, Week 38: Immanuel - God with Us -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 37: Angels, Criminals, and the God of Much Grace -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 36: Prayer and the Things That Tempt Us -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 35: The Generous Widow and the Watching God -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 34: Violent Vineyards and Crushing Capstones -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 33: The Arrival of the King -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 32: The Kingdom is for Kids -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 31: Forgiven, Gratefully -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 30: Love Has Already Won -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 29: Faithful With Our Finances -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 28: I Just Want To Come Home -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 27: Humility and How We Perfected It -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 26: M is for Missions -Larry Stockstill
Luke, Week 25: Healing, Hypocrites and the Kingdom of God -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 24: The Changing God Seasons -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 23: We Belong to the Future -Glenn Packiam
Luke, Week 22: Teach Us To Pray - Part 2 -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 21: Teach Us To Pray - Part 1 -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 20: Like a Good Neighbor -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 19: A Long Obedience in the Same Direction -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 18: A Desperate Dad, A Lunging Lady and A Mocking Mob -David Perkins
Luke, Week 17: Extravagant Worship -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 16: Lucky are the God-Dependent -Glenn Packiam
Luke, Week 15: The Law of the Farm -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 14: Disappointed in Jesus -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 13: The Powerful, the Powerless and the Prophet -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 12: The Best Thing Possible for the Worst Person Possible -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 11: Sabbath and Solitude -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 10: Roof Rippers and Bag Phone Believers -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 9: A Life of Radical Obedience -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 8: The Anointed One -Aaron Stern
Luke, Week 7: Same Three Plays -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 6: Both Baptisms -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 5: Beautiful Repentance -Brady Boyd

This is My Story
This is My Story, Week 9: The Fearsome Shepherd and His Fearless Sheep -Brady Boyd
This is My Story, Week 8: David Perkins -David Perkins
This is My Story, Week 7: Dave Roever -Dave Roever
This is My Story, Week 6: Ross Parsley -Ross Parsley
This is My Story, Week 5: Jim Daly -Jim Daly
This is My Story, Week 4: Britt Hancock -Britt Hancock
This is My Story, Week 3: Jimmy Evans -Jimmy Evans
This is My Story, Week 2: Tom Davis -Tom Davis
This is My Story, Week 1: Brady Boyd -Brady Boyd

Luke (2010)
Luke, Week 4: The Humility of Jesus -David Perkins
Luke, Week 3: The Grand Invasion -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 2: God Has Arrived -Brady Boyd
Luke, Week 1: People of a Great Purpose -Brady Boyd

Other Recent Sermons (2010)
Make Every Effort -Glenn Packiam
God's Greatest Desire -Robert Morris
A Great Work -Glenn Packiam
Overcoming Comparison -Jimmy Evans
Ordinary Unschooled Men -Britt Hancock

1st Peter
1st Peter, Week 5: Don't Feed the Lions -Brady Boyd
1st Peter, Week 4: Pray, Love, Eat -Brady Boyd
1st Peter, Week 3: The Church's New Four-letter Word -Brady Boyd
1st Peter, Week 2: Freedom From Insecurity -Brady Boyd
1st Peter, Week 1: Genuine Faith and Glorious Joy -Brady Boyd

Sticks & Stones
Sticks & Stones, Week 5: Guard Your Heart -David Grothe
Sticks & Stones, Week 4: The Poison of Gossip -Brady Boyd
Sticks & Stones, Week 3: Are You a Spork? -Aaron Stern
Sticks & Stones, Week 2: Forgiving Each Other -Brady Boyd
Sticks & Stones, Week 1: People, Peace, and Power -Brady Boyd

Ephesians, Week 12: Declare the Gospel Fearlessly -David Perkins
Ephesians, Week 11: The Armor of God -Brady Boyd
Ephesians, Week 10: Enemy At The Gates -Brady Boyd
Ephesians, Week 9: Wisdom, Evil Days, and the Will of God -Brady Boyd
Ephesians, Week 8: Grown Up Christianity -Brady Boyd
Ephesians, Week 7: The Miracle of Marriage -Doug Weiss
Ephesians, Week 6: He is Able -Brady Boyd
Ephesians, Week 5: Jesus Loves Me, This I Know -Brady Boyd
Ephesians, Week 4: Grace, Gratitude, and Confident Cowgirls -Brady Boyd
Ephesians, Week 3: From Death to Life -Glenn Packiam
Ephesians, Week 2: To Know Him Better -Brady Boyd
Ephesians, Week 1: He Chose Us -Brady Boyd

Treasure, Week 3: Frequently Asked Questions -Brady Boyd
Treasure, Week 2: The Tithe and Today -Brady Boyd
Treasure, Week 1: How Much Stuff is Enough? -Brady Boyd

Coming Soon
Coming Soon, Week 4: Worthy is the Lamb -David Perkins
Coming Soon, Week 3: The "Pray and Go" Church -Brady Boyd
Coming Soon, Week 2: Seeking After the Welfare of Your City -Matthew Barnett
Coming Soon, Week 1: Worship, Connect, Serve -Brady Boyd

Supernatural, Week 14: Supernatural Seeds -Brady Boyd
Supernatural, Week 13: The Baptism With the Holy Spirit -Brady Boyd
Supernatural, Week 12: Can You Hear Me Now? -Aaron Stern
Supernatural, Week 11: Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues -Brady Boyd
Supernatural, Week 10: Distinguishing Between Spirits -Brady Boyd
Supernatural, Week 9: The Gift of Prophecy -Brady Boyd
Supernatural, Week 8: Encouragement, Giving, Leadership, Mercy -Brady Boyd
Supernatural, Week 7: Love, The Most Excellent Way -David Grothe
Supernatural, Week 6: Wisdom and Knowledge -Brady Boyd
Supernatural, Week 5: Electricity, Lightbulbs, and the Gifts of the Spirit -Aaron Stern
Supernatural, Week 4: Do Miracles Still Happen? -Brady Boyd
Supernatural, Week 3: Questions About Faith -Brady Boyd
Supernatural, Week 2: What Are We Supposed to Do? -Brady Boyd
Supernatural, Week 1: What Has God Done For Us? -Brady Boyd

Other Recent Sermons (2009)
Courageous Footprints -Ross Parsley
Sending Out Service -Brady Boyd and Ross Parsley
Absent at Advent -Glenn Packiam
Culture-Proof Your Home -Ron Luce
Sleeping Through the Storm -Brent Parsley
God is Encouraging -Rick Bezet
Secondhand Jesus: Made For Contact With God -Glenn Packiam
The Resurrection Effect -Brady Boyd
The Rain is Coming -Dr. Ken Ulmer

What Child is This?
What Child is This, Part 2: Jesus is God -Brady Boyd
What Child is This, Part 1: Jesus was Fully Human -Brady Boyd

We Are____
We Are____, Week 7 - His Friends -Brady Boyd
We Are____, Week 6 - Branches -Brady Boyd
We Are____, Week 5 - Overcomers -Aaron Stern
We Are____, Week 4 - Christ's Ambassadors -Brady Boyd
We Are____, Week 3 - Clay -Brady Boyd
We Are____, Week 2 - Worshippers -Ross Parsley
We Are____, Week 1 - More Than Conquerors -Brady Boyd

Tribe of Church
Tribe of Church, Week 3: The Tribe and It's Fireplace -Brady Boyd
Tribe of Church, Week 2: How Do We Lead and How Do We Follow? -Brady Boyd
Tribe of Church, Week 1: What is Tribe of Church? -Brady Boyd

Proverbs - Our Morals, Our Money, Our Mouth
Proverbs - Our Morals, Our Money, Our Mouth, Week 10: Life-Giving Words -Brady Boyd
Proverbs - Our Morals, Our Money, Our Mouth, Week 9: The Poison of Gossip -Brady Boyd
Proverbs - Our Morals, Our Money, Our Mouth, Week 8: Our Words Are Powerful -Brady Boyd
Proverbs - Our Morals, Our Money, Our Mouth, Week 7: The Principles of Multiplication -Robert Morris
Proverbs - Our Morals, Our Money, Our Mouth, Week 6: God Must Be First -Brady Boyd
Proverbs - Our Morals, Our Money, Our Mouth, Week 5: Rewards of a Generous Person -Brady Boyd
Proverbs - Our Morals, Our Money, Our Mouth, Week 4: No Need For Greed -Brady Boyd
Proverbs - Our Morals, Our Money, Our Mouth, Week 3: How Do Affairs Happen? -Brady Boyd
Proverbs - Our Morals, Our Money, Our Mouth, Week 2: Trust, Lean, Acknowledge -Brady Boyd
Proverbs - Our Morals, Our Money, Our Mouth, Week 1: On Guard -Brady Boyd

Change the World
Change the World, Week 8: Light Up the World -David Perkins
Change the World, Week 7: You Are the Salt of the Earth -Aaron Stern
Change the World, Week 6: From the Inside Out -Chris Hodges
Change the World, Week 5: The Traits of a Servant -Brady Boyd
Change the World, Week 4: World-Changing Women -Brady Boyd
Change the World, Week 3: Like a Good Neighbor -Ross Parsley
Change the World, Week 2: Our Call to Widows and Orphans -Brady Boyd
Change the World, Week 1: We Are Salt and Light -Brady Boyd

Live Free
Live Free, Week 6: Am I a Son? -Brady Boyd
Live Free, Week 5: Have You Believed a Lie? -Robert Morris
Live Free, Week 4: Who Is My Source? -Brady Boyd
Live Free, Week 3: Who Can Help Me? -Brady Boyd
Live Free, Week 2: How Did We Get Here? -Brady Boyd
Live Free, Week 1: Where Do We Begin? -Brady Boyd

Pray, Week 7: For Yours is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory -Brady Boyd
Pray, Week 6: Persistence -David Perkins
Pray, Week 5: Lead Us Not Into Temptation -Brady Boyd
Pray, Week 4: Forgive Us Our Debts, As We Also Have Forgiven Our Debtors -Brady Boyd
Pray, Week 3: Give Us Today Our Daily Bread -Brady Boyd
Pray, Week 2: Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done... -Brady Boyd
Pray, Week 1: Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be Your Name -Brady Boyd

Other Recent Sermons (2008)
Getting an Edge in Life -Phil McCallum
Good Grief -Brady Boyd
Christmas: A Season for Healing -Ross Parsley
The Law of 'Grow or Die' -Jimmy Evans
Standing Open, Ready Now -Dr. Jack Hayford
God Needs You -Robert Morris
Do You Want God's Will For Your Life? -Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
Living Among Lions -Jimmy Evans
The Love of a Thousand Lifetimes -Rob Brendle
The Marks of a Good Father -Tom Lane
You Can Be 'The Biggest Loser' -Ross Parsley
The Needs of a Mother -Brady Boyd
I Want To Know Christ -David Perkins

Standing Strong in a Weak Economy
Standing Strong in a Weak Economy, Part 2 -Brady Boyd
Standing Strong in a Weak Economy, Part 1 -Brady Boyd

Heaven Defined
Heaven Defined, Week 4: Frequently Asked Questions -Brady Boyd
Heaven Defined, Week 3: The New Heaven and the New Earth -Brady Boyd
Heaven Defined, Week 2: Heaven is Great Right Now -Brady Boyd
Heaven Defined, Week 1: Heaven is Paradise -Brady Boyd

The Parables of Jesus
the Parables of Jesus, Week 6: The Sower and the Seed -Brady Boyd
The Parables of Jesus, Week 5: The Rich Fool -Brady Boyd
The Parables of Jesus, Week 4: The Good Samaritan -Brady Boyd
The Parables of Jesus, Week 3: The Persistent Widow and the Friend at Midnight -Brady Boyd
The Parables of Jesus, Week 2: The Older Bother Syndrome -Brady Boyd
The Parables of Jesus, Week 1: The Prodigal Son -Brady Boyd

'23', Week 9: I Will Dwell... -Brady Boyd
'23', Week 8: Surely Goodness and Love... -Brady Boyd
'23', Week 7: You Anoint My Head With Oil... -Brady Boyd
'23', Week 6: You Prepare a Table Before Me... -Brady Boyd
'23', Week 5: Though I Walk Through the Valley... -Brady Boyd
'23', Week 4: He Guides Me in Paths of Righteousness... -Brady Boyd
'23', Week 3: ...He Restores My Soul -Brady Boyd
'23', Week 2: I Shall Not be in Want -Brady Boyd
'23', Week 1: The Lord is my Shepherd -Brady Boyd

Empowered, Week 6: Baptism in the Holy Spirit -Robert Morris
Empowered, Week 5: How Does God Speak To Us? -Brady Boyd
Empowered, Week 4: Filled With the Holy Spirit -Brady Boyd
Empowered, Week 3: The Holy Spirit Creates Life -Brady Boyd
Empowered, Week 2: The Cost of Oil -Jimmy Evans
Empowered, Week 1: What did Jesus say about the Holy Spirit? -Brady Boyd

Grace, Week 7: What does Grace do for Me -Brady Boyd
Grace, Week 6: Justice, Mercy, and Grace -Brady Boyd
Grace, Week 5: Grace vs. Legalism -Brady Boyd
Grace, Week 4: Grace Really is Amazing -Clark Whitten
Grace, Week 3: The Purpose For the Law -Brady Boyd
Grace, Week 2: For Today and Yesterday -Brady Boyd
Grace, Week 1: Grace Defined -Brady Boyd

God First
God First, Week 4: The Principle of First -Robert Morris
God First, Week 3: The Test of Mammon -Brady Boyd
God First, Week 2: Our Opponent's Playbook -Brady Boyd
God First, Week 1: God Did Everything First -Brady Boyd

Other Recent Sermons (2007)
Some Assembly Required -Rob Brendle
Mary and Joseph: Ready for Promotion -Brady Boyd
The Test of Tribulation -Brady Boyd
A Heart For Christmas -Dr. Jack Hayford
Our Treasure in Heaven -Brady Boyd
Worship Your Way Through It -Ross Parsley
How to Kill a Giant -Brady Boyd
Freedom From Insecurity -Brady Boyd
The Woman at the Well -Brady Boyd
I Believe... -Brady Boyd
The Road Marked With Suffering -Ross Parsley
Groups - The Keys to Our Culture -Ted Whaley

All In the Family
All In the Family, Week 5: The Power of Our Words -Brady Boyd
All In the Family, Week 4: God's Perfect Plan for Marriage -Jimmy Evans
All In the Family, Week 3: How to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage -Brady Boyd
All In the Family, Week 2: The Reward For Being Loyal -Brady Boyd
All in the Family, Week 1: The Art of Confrontation -Brady Boyd

Calibrate, Week 6: God Designed Us To Need People -Brady Boyd
Calibrate, Week 5: God Designed Us To Be An Influence -Tom Lane
Calibrate, Week 4: God Designed Us for Miracles -Brady Boyd
Calibrate, Week 3: God Designed Us For Joy -Brady Boyd
Calibrate, Week 2: God Designed Us to Be Free -Brady Boyd
Calibrate, Week 1: God Designed Us to Need Him -Brady Boyd

Resurrection People
Resurrection People - Part 4: Presence -Ross Parsley
Resurrection People - Communion -Ross Parsley
Resurrection People - Part 2: Work -Aaron Stern
Resurrection People - Part 1 -Ross Parsley

Show and Tell
Show and Tell - Part 3 -John Bolin
Show and Tell - Part 2 -Ross Parsley
Show and Tell - Part 1 -Ross Parsley

Hungry? - Part 3 -Ross Parsley
Hungry? - Part 2 -Ross Parsley
Hungry? - Part 1 -Ross Parsley

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