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301 N Nevada Ave

Sunday 9AM & 11AM

Christ Centered and Gospel-Shaped

New Life Downtown is a congregation of New Life Church. We make sense of our identity as the people of God by how we formed around the Table. We worship at the Lord's Table on Sundays, where we rehearse the Gospel and see how blessed we are in Christ. We connect with one another around our tables during the week, where we allow ourselves to be broken- humble and vulnerable- with one another. We serve- the church, city, and world- by preparing a table for others to meet with Jesus as we become given for the sake of others.

Blessed; broken; given- this is who we are in the hands of God. Worship; connect; serve- this is what we do as the people of God.

As you explore this site, our hope is that you will not only join us in worship, but that you would become part of this community, and serve alongside us as we allow the Lord to take us, bless us, break us, and give us for the sake of the world, to the glory of God.


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Our Teaching Team

New Life Downtown's teaching team is comprised of Lead Pastor Glenn Packiam, and Associate Pastors Jason Jackson and Evan Reedal. Together, they share the responsibility of preaching and teaching in our weekly services. This team approach allows New Life to hear from multiple voices, and allows sustainable rhythms for our Downtown Teaching Team.

We don't always need to know how God is present in order to experience His presence.

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Nov 19, 2017
Romans, Pt. 14 - Welcome Each Other
Nov 12, 2017
Romans, Pt. 14 - What Governments Can Be
Nov 5, 2017
Romans, Pt. 13 - Living in a Hostile World
Oct 29, 2017
Romans, Pt 12 - Living as a New Community
Oct 22, 2017
Romans, Pt 11 - Worship Matters
Oct 15, 2017
Romans, Pt 10 - Tis Mercy All
Oct 8, 2017
Romans, Pt 9 - The Hope, the Groan, and the Love that Won't Let Go
Oct 1, 2017
Romans, Pt 8 - God Has Done the Impossible
Sep 24, 2017
Romans, Pt 7 - United with Christ
Sep 17, 2017
Romans, Pt 6 - The Reign of Grace
Sep 10, 2017
Romans, Pt 5 - The Triumph of Grace
Sep 3, 2017
Romans, Pt 4 - The Faith of Abraham
Aug 27, 2017
Romans, Pt 3 - The Sickness and the Cure
Aug 20, 2017
Romans, Pt 2 - Circumcised Hearts
Aug 13, 2017
Romans, Pt 1 - Good News
Aug 6, 2017
Grow, Pt. 9 - Work as Witness
Jul 30, 2017
Grow, Pt. 8 - Gathering to Worship
Jul 23, 2017
Grow, Pt. 7 - Gratitude
Jul 16, 2017
Grow, Pt. 6 - Hospitality
Jul 9, 2017
Grow, Pt. 5 - Breaking of Bread
Jul 2, 2017
Grow, Pt. 4 - Simplicity and Generosity
Jun 25, 2017
Grow, Pt. 3 - Prayer
Jun 18, 2017
Grow, Pt. 2 - Fellowship
Jun 11, 2017
Grow, Pt. 1 - The Apostles' Teaching
Jun 4, 2017
Living the Resurrection, Pt. 6: Standing in the Power of God
May 21, 2017
Living the Resurrection, Pt. 5: Reordered Relationships
May 14, 2017
Living the Resurrection, Pt. 4: Living as Children of the Light
May 7, 2017
Living the Resurrection, Pt. 3: Living With Love
Apr 30, 2017
Living the Resurrection, Pt. 2: Living As New People
Apr 23, 2017
Living the Resurrection, Pt. 1: Living in Unity
Apr 16, 2017
The Risen Jesus Is Calling You
Apr 9, 2017
Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 6): I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life
Apr 2, 2017
Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 5): I AM the True Vine
Mar 26, 2017
Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 4): I Am the Resurrection and the Life
Mar 19, 2017
Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 3): I Am The Good Shepherd
Mar 12, 2017
Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 2): I AM the Light of the World
Mar 5, 2017
Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 1): I AM the Bread of Life
Feb 26, 2017
The Holy Who?, Pt 8 - Be Transformed
Feb 19, 2017
The Holy Who?, Pt 7 - Walk In The Spirit
Feb 12, 2017
The Holy Who?, Pt 6 - The Spirit & The Church
Feb 5, 2017
The Holy Who?, Pt 5 - The Gift of Prophecy and the Gift of Tongues
Jan 29, 2017
The Holy Who?, Pt 4 - The Spirit's Gifts
Jan 22, 2017
The Holy Who?, Pt 3 - The Power to be Witnesses
Jan 15, 2017
The Holy Who?, Pt 2 (11am) - The Companion
Jan 15, 2017
The Holy Who?, Pt 2 (9am) - The Companion
Jan 8, 2017
The Holy Who?, Pt 1 - The Lord, The Giver of Life
Dec 18
Advent, Week 4 (11am) - Love
Dec 18
Advent, Week 4 (9am) - The Servant of the Lord
Dec 11
Advent, Week 3 - God's Coming is Our Comfort
Dec 4
Advent, Week 2 (11am) - Healing, Shalom, and the Coming of God
APR 20
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Our Story

APRIL 11, 2014

A New Congregation Begins

On Easter Sunday of 2012, New Life Downtown had its first public worship service. But the story begins a bit before that day.

Our Liturgy

Liturgy simply means “the work of the people”, so in one sense ‘liturgy' it is what we do together as we gather to worship God. But in a much deeper sense, liturgy isn’t at all about what we do; its about what God does. Each Sunday, we believe that we encounter God through song, Scripture and sacrament. In other words, we gather around the Word and the Table, singing and praying as the Spirit of God meets us along the way. That’s why we draw from the rich treasury of the Church's historic worship practices while being attentive to the fresh work of the Spirit in our day.  Our worship, then, at New Life Downtown is rooted in history with room for mystery. 

Here’s a little bit more about each element of our services:

Our Team

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Glenn Packiam

Associate Senior Pastor. Lead Pastor : New Life Downtown

Jay Benson

Director: Outreach & Dream Team - New Life Downtown

Holly Packiam

Coordinator : Downtown Parent Ministries

Megan Hardre

Assistant to Family Ministries Director

Jason Jackson

Pastor : New Life Downtown

Evan Reedall

Pastor : New Life Downtown

Abby Burley

Director : Worship New Life Downtown

Andrew Gonzales

Director : New Life Downtown Youth

Sloan Gonzales

Director : New Life Downtown Youth

Karen Lopez

Director : Campus Operations, New Life Downtown

Katharine Sanchez

Kid's Ministry Director

Martha Cole

Administrator : New Life Downtown