Jun 20-23

Awakening Seminar, presented by Dr. Terry Wardle

We live in a world that encourages us to seek fulfillment of our core longings in things other than Jesus. Unfortunately, the foundation of our true identity in Christ can be lost to things such as acceptance, success, demands of life, comfort, self- protection, etc. In this seminar you will learn what it means to be led by Jesus and the building blocks of self-definition in Christ. You will also experience the power that comes from living out of your true identity.

The following topics will be covered

Seminar Leader
Terry Wardle, D. Min.,
Founder of Healing Care, LLC and HCM International, and Prefessor Emeritus of Practical Theology at Ashland Theological Seminary.

Dr. Wardle has conducted numerous seminars and classes on Formational Prayer, and has authored several books on related topics, including Every Breath We Take.

Date: Wed, 6/20/18 - 6/23/18.
Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Location: WPC Prayer Room
Cost: $357.00.
Special rates, discounts or payment plans, contact Lynne Lawson at lynne@healingcare.org

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