Oct 11-14

Identity, Integrity and the Awakening of the True Self Seminar

We live in a world that insists that performance and people pleasing are the only way to have our deepest longings met. The fundamental message is that we do not measure up, so we must work hard to find security and acceptance. This leads to exhaustion and insecurity. Unfortunately, many Christians are trapped on this treadmill, unaware that Christ has now given them through inheritance what they could never earn through performance. This seminar will focus on identity security in Christ, how that impacts well-being, and the provisions of the Lord that meet our deepest longings in life. Discussions will include topics such as:

  1. The Awakening of the True Self
  2. What it means to be hidden in Christ
  3. The relationship between self-awakening and the Holy Spirit
  4. Feasting at the Table of the Lord
  5. How to be strong in the Lord and the Strength of his might
  6. The relationship between self-definition and emotional healing
Cost: $350. A $125 deposit is due upon registration. Final balance is due at the seminar. (Early Bird $325 if registered by August 1) There is a $25 administrative fee for all cancellations. Deposit is nonrefundable after September 21, 2017 

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