Nov 4

Springs Mental Health Summit

Do you have a heart for helping people that struggle with mental illness?  Join us on November 4th for a one-day event that’s sure to inspire, equip & educate you to effect change.  From practical ideas for families to insights from experts, this one-of-kind gathering is a must for parents, teachers, ministry leaders, students and concerned individals alike. 

Help prevent suicide, fight the stigma and better connect with those facing a mental health challenge. 

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Speakers and Topics 


Kay Warren - Surviving the Suicide of a Child


Dr. Rebecca Berghorst PhD - Children and Trauma

Dr. Mark Mayfield PhD- The Messy Embrace: A Crash Course in Helping Hurting People

Erin Smalley MS and Dr. Greg Smalley - Healthy Conflict Can Strengthen Your Marriage

Dr. Eric Sandras PhD- Sex and the Empty Self Syndrome

Kristie Tamillow M.Ed- Lessons from the Ranch: How to Build Resiliency, Empathy and Grit in Children

Josh Kreimeyer LPC, LMFT, AAMFT and Patti Diffee M.A., MFT-C- Upstream Family Interventions as Suicide Prevention

Kim Severn MA, LPC, NCC and Martha Hinson MA, LPC- Responding to Suicide Contagion in Schools: Best Postvention Practices

Dr. Ken Robinson LMFT- “Growing Close, Growing Strong” - Increasing Love, Connection and Couple Resilience Through the Power of the Safe Haven

Timothy Sanford MA, LPC- Understanding How Reactive Attachment Disorder Thinks and Feels

National Alliance on Mental Illness-The Warning Signs of a Mental Health Condition 

Joel Roberts MA,LPCC, NCC- Losing Face: How Your Presence (or lack thereof) Impacts Your Child’s Neurodevelopment

Kaley Chiles MA, LPC - For adolescents: How to make decisions about substance use without just doing what you’re told

Trever Shirin - Me Too (Youth Suicide Prevention) 

Lindsey Waggoner MA, LPCC - Living a Life that is Lit (A breakout groups for students 12-18)