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Jr. High

The Tent Sundays at 11am

DSM (High School)

The Tent Wednesdays at 6:30PM

Parents are the primary disciplers of their children. While Christ is the cornerstone and foundation on which everything is built; parents are the pastors, leaders, counselors, comforters, security, prayer warriors, and support to make this ministry work. We understand the challenges that exist and recognize that not all students come from a healthy home environment. No matter what the home environment is like we know that nobody can do this alone. As a parent, New Life is a place you can expect to both give and receive. As a church body we are able to become spiritual moms and dads to students, we share stories and collective wisdom, and in our weakness we gain strength from one another.

Upcoming Events

Child Dedications
Mar 18-Apr 29
Spiritual Parenting
May 1-3
The Gathering 2018
May 15
New Life Next
Jun 6
First Wednesday
Jun 25-28
Kid's Camp
Prayer Room
APR 20
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Marriage and Pastoral Care

We want to be a part of helping you keep your family strong, healthy and vibrant. Through marriage ENRICHMENT counseling, regular marriage workshops, "Conversations on the Family" gatherings and much more, we want to walk alongside you and your family, encouraging healthy communication and happy homes. The Marriage & and Pastoral Care office can be reached at (719) 265-3117.


Oct 24, 2013
Session #5: Parenting Through Deployment
Oct 24, 2013
Session #4: Godly Discipline
Oct 10, 2013
Session #3: The Privilege of Making Disciples of our Children
Oct 10, 2013
Session #2: Family Values
Oct 3, 2013
Session #1: Instilling Faith in your Children
APR 20
Event Title Goes Here