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Fireteams: Dave Eitemiller

Hi, I am Dave Eitemiller and I have been married to Sue for 35 years and counting. We have 2 grown daughters and 4 grandkids. I'm a recovering Christian, being led into true sonship and friendship with the Father after years of discipline, out-to's, and disappointment. I enjoy ultra running, long distance expeditions, fly fishing and anything that gets me in the wilderness- especially with other men.

My involvement with the men at New Life is in two areas. I support a Freteam of men mainly in the chaos of their 30's and also am available as much as can be to other men who are in their 30's and recognize the need for someone to sit with who has traveled a few more miles then they have.

If you are drawn to either of these, email or text/call me, I would love to talk.
The Facts
When Varies- contact Dave
Where Varies- contact Dave
Contact 719-238-0067 or dseitemiller@gmail.com