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Fireteams: Dave Eitemiller

Hi, my name is Dave Eitemiller. I have been married to Sue for 33 years and counting. We have 2 grown daughters and 4 grandkids. I'm a recovering Christian, being led into true sonship and friendship with the Father after years of discipline, out-to's, and disappointment. I enjoy ultra running, long distance expeditions, fly fishing and anything that gets me in the wilderness- especially with other men.

We found authentic man fellowship in our Fireteam last year and worked through a great book - "The Cure" - TWICE! This year we wanted to continue in that spirit but take things further in to offer men a place to step back and invite the Father into the issues of life they face each day. Our gatherings are centered around worship, checking in with each other, and allowing the stories of each man's life to be heard and spoken to from the Father. Whatever form that takes we plan to go there.

This spring we are reading "Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You"
The Facts
When 1 or 2 Wednesdays a month, 6:30-8:00pm
Where World Prayer Center Rm 127
Contact 719-238-0067 or dseitemiller@gmail.com