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Fireteams: Al Andersen

You adopted, but didn’t anticipate the challenges you’re now facing. In this group of adoptive (and pre-adoptive) dads, you’ll be able to find hope and practical advice for your journey as we encourage each other through prayer and support.
I'm Al Andersen and my wife and I have 5 kids, ages teens to early 30's. We adopted our younger three children from Russia in 2014 as a sibling group.
Our group will be casual because we know the importance of remaining flexible when caring for kids from hard places. Don’t continue on your adoption journey alone.
The Facts
When 6:50am-8:00am, 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month
Where Panera Bread | Briargate Shops
Contact alfred.a.andersen@gmail.com | 630-797-1526