Thursday Evening

Healing Journey for Men

Healing Journey for Men is a small group teaching and support environment where men of all ages can learn about God's roadmap for healing their emotional and spiritual wounds, and then apply the process and skills they learn to their own lives in a safe and confidential environment.
As we learn to apply God's process for healing, He helps us to develop a peaceful mind that knows the truth, and a heart that is whole, healed, and filled with peace, joy, and hope.

The class will be closed when we have a maximum of 7 students for the number of small group leaders available, or by the third week (09.20). Currently, we have 3 small group leaders, so we could accommodate a total of 21 students. Interested persons and guests are welcome to attend until the third week. Additional information can be sent upon request.

New Life Church Rm 141 & 220
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Led By Steve Empey
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Where 11025 Voyager Pkwy
Colorado Springs,CO
WhenThursday Evening
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