Wednesday Evening

Fireteam-Marty Barretta

When circumstances crush us to the point our faith falters and God seems distant, that's when we need a small group of men to have faith in God for us and help pull us through. To know that what's shared with one another, will stay with one another (not be shared even with our spouses). A group of brothers who will come together in the spirit of "Real Fellowship" who will not judge, be authentic, and feel comfortable enough to get transparent and honest about who they are.

Our group meetings and discussions are focused on addressing the "How-To's" of navigating our way through relevant, real life issues that men of God face daily. Whether it be about the how-to's of developing an unshakable faith, the how-to's of renewing our minds (other than just quoting scripture verses), etc., we tackle the subject matter as the Holy Spirit leads.

Every other Wednesday
4757 Sand Mountain Point
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
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Led By Marty Barretta
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Where 4757 Sand Mountain Point
Colorado Springs,CO
WhenWednesday Evening
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