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With One Another

We all long to connect with others. In fact, God created us to live life "with one another" and his Word is filled with encouragement for us to do so: teach one another, be devoted to one another, serve one another, love one another...the list goes on. Here at New Life Church we seek to foster that inner longing for closer relationship through 'Small Groups'.

Groups meet all throughout the week in a variety of settings and center around everything from in-depth study of the Scriptures to some sort of outdoor adventure like hiking. Whether you are interested in leading a group or joining a group, we encourage you to jump in and build stronger relationships with other Christ-followers!

Discover the joy of life "with one another" by finding a group that fits you.


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    • theMILL
    • New Believers
    • Local Ministries
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    • Young Marrieds
    • Men's
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Secret Givers
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Hebrew Roots
New Life Church
Everything Under the Son!
New Life Church
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Adult Sunday Bible Study
New Life Church
Couples' Bible Study
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Warriors 4 Warriors
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New Life Church
Anew Community
New Life Church
Sack Lunch Program
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Mentoring for Hearing God's Voice and Walking in Miracle Healings
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Wednesday Night Korean Prayer Group
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Next Phase New Life Dinner and Activity Group
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New Life Toastmasters
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Adoptive Moms Night Out
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Couples Connection
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Elementery Ballet V
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Elementery Ballet VI and VII
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NOT (another) Marriage Group
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Who AM I in Christ, A-Z?
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Family Karate Class
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Christian Association of Public Educators
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Hearts like Hannah's
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Hearts like Hannah's
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God Loves Blended Families, Too!
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The Quilting Bee
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Women's Beth Moore Sunday School
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Young and Married
New Life Church
Mentoring for Miracles, Evenings
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Undaunted 2
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Genesis Bible Study
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Catholics With Questions
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Surfing For God: Discovering The Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle
New Life Church
5 Dollar Missions
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Spirit of the Prophet
New Life Church
Dinner Mission Worship
New Life Church
3G: God, Golf, and Grub
New Life Church
NLC Softball


Digital Discipleship

We want to empower and equip you as you lead a group here at NLC! Whether this is your first time to lead a group or you've been leading for years we believe you'll greatly benefit from our online resources. Our Digital Discipleship is powered by Right Now Media, an incredible online Bible study library with resources from some of the greatest Bible teachers on the planet. Described as the Netflix of Christian teaching, Right Now Media features discipleship videos for kids, students, men, women, families, leaders and more. These videos are a great way to start a small group or use in an existing group. You and each of your group members can have a personal account (for free!) and view these videos anytime from a TV, tablet, phone or computer. Besides being a great resource to lead your group we hope this will also be a great investment into your personal devotions and study as you grow in Christ. I know it has been for me!
- Jeremiah Parks/ Pastor of Community and Groups

Leader's Guide and Downloads

There is a lot that goes into a Groups Ministry! Here you'll find all the documents and explanations of the different aspects of NewLifeGroups. Download any of the documents at the bottom of this page and contact us with any questions you might have.


Jeremiah Parks

Pastor, Community & Groups

Lance Coles

Pastor: Groups

Jon Plotner

Associate Pastor of Community: Sections

Christine King

Pastor: Congregational Care

Kortnee McCarthy

Community Events Coordinator