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What are the Dream Centers of Colorado Springs?
The DCCS is a collaborative effort in Colorado Springs to provide holistic ministry (spiritual, mental, social, physical) to people in need of care while balancing our motives of compassion and justice.  Future dream centers will be opened where our community’s needs are met with our community’s strengths. A single goal unites our varied efforts: to invite those in favor of health and hope in Colorado Springs to link arms in providing long-term solutions for people in need of care.

When did the DCCS begin?
The DCCS began with the Open House of our Women’s Clinic in July of 2011.

Why did you start another non-profit community development organization?
We believe this responsibility and calling to care for the marginalized is central to the Gospel that was modeled for us in the life of Jesus. We are simply trying to follow his example.

What is the mission of the DCCS?
Our mission is to provide health and hope for people working to rebuild their dreams.

How will you accomplish your mission?
First, we look to Jesus, the Scriptures and our relationship with God who is present among all people in the world for our daily direction. We rely more on values and processes than on programs and plans. Collaboration and partnership with people in our community is essential.

Who makes up the DCCS team?
The DCCS is a collaborative effort of citizens and organizations linking arms to provide health and hope. Today, many of our partners are medical health professionals. We will open additional centers and are looking for interested partners in the areas of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, behavioral health, adult dentistry, sustainable greenhouse farming, safe homes, and various kinds of work therapy.

What is the DCCS Women’s Clinic?
The DCCS Women’s Clinic provides quality and timely healthcare by qualified and friendly providers for uninsured/underinsured women 18 to 64 in Colorado Springs.

Why does the DCCS Women’s Clinic exist?
The DCCS Women’s Clinic exists to provide personalized care to your individual needs. It is our goal to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible. Our DCCS staff and volunteers have taken extra steps to see that you and your family are provided a compassionate setting in which to receive medical care, and we encourage you to take part in our full range of services.

To receive your individual care, please call 719-388-1594, e-mail or stop by our medical care facility to schedule an appointment.

What are the hours of the DCCS Women’s Clinic?
Hours of Operation: 
Monday: Noon – 8 p.m.
Tuesday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 719.388.1594

Fax: 719.388.1595

What services can I receive at DCCS Women’s Clinic?
Primary Care Options: The DCCS Women’s Clinic provides holistic, primary care for women ages 18 to 64, offering services such as the diagnosis and treatment of the following conditions:
•  Coronary artery disease
•  Diabetes
•  Dyslipidemia
•  Hypertension
•  Respiratory illnesses, such as asthma,COPD, and bronchitis
We also offer these special services
•  Cholesterol and triglyceride testing
•  Well-woman exams
•  Birth control may be provided, with appropriate counseling and/or on a referral basis through DCCS affiliates

Where is the DCCS Women’s Clinic located?
4360 Montebello Drive, Suite 900 
Colorado Springs CO 80918. 
Phone: 719.388.1594
It is located one block north of Austin Bluffs, across the street from Rocky Mountain Calvary Church and next to the Post Office.

How can I volunteer?
If you have a heart for helping those in need you can volunteer at the Dream Centers.  This is a community-wide effort.
Volunteer: This is a volunteer effort, so we need you!  There are several teams at work right now to make the Dream Center a reality.  These teams include: prayer, medical, administration, resource advocates, partnership development, marketing, design, IT and grant writing.  If you are interested in joining one of these teams, please fill out a volunteer application or e-mail us with any questions
Pray: Prayer is the foundation of this ministry.  The prayer team meets at the DCCS Women’s Clinic to lift up our volunteers, our patients and our community in prayer. Kathy Specht is the prayer team leader and can answer any questions you may have at Kathy has a plan in place to develop a volunteer chaplain program to guide and support the volunteers who pray. Prayer requests are kept confidential.

How Can I Donate to the ministry of the DCCS? 
Financial donations can be made at the center or online by clicking here.

How have our city leaders responded to the creation of the DCCS?
We have been overwhelmed with support including membership into the Colorado Springs Community Health Partnerships, consultation and advice from Mission Medical Clinic and El Paso County Health, equipment donations from Memorial and Penrose, donations from businesses for the facility lease, supplies and equipment, great support from the medical community through the Coordinated Access to Community Health (CATCH) committee, and volunteer help from all over the city. We are grateful to be located in such a generous and united community.

Is the current team of people praying for the DCCS?
There is a weekly prayer group specifically covering the DCCS efforts. We are so grateful for ongoing prayer support from Northern Churches Care, a City Prayer Group, theWall (at the Jericho Center) and others. Finally, we pray from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Chapel of the World Prayer Center every Tuesday.

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