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1. Does the church provide an annual financial report?

Yes, you may view the latest annual audited statements on the church website by clicking the audited financial statements link. Additionally, the church annually provides a summary of financial highlights for the past year.  See the "Downloads" section at the bottom of this page for a financial highlights summary.

2. Does the church operate off of a budget?  If so, how is it determined?

The church prepares a budget on an annual basis. See the downloads section below for a budget summary.
The first step in the budgeting process begins with the vision set by the Senior Pastor and the Elders. The vision is the driving force for the budget. 
Once the Senior Pastor and Elders set the vision and emphasis for the upcoming year, the church staff prepares a budget. The administrative team accumulates the budgets for all areas and works with the various ministry areas to complete the overall budget for presentation to the Executive Staff and Core Leadership Team. The Executive Staff and Core Leadership team reviews and adjusts the budget accordingly. The final budget is presented to the Elders for review, adjustment and approval.
The administration of the church monitors the budget and cash flow on a weekly basis and makes recommendations to the core leadership and Elders based on actual revenue and expenses.
The church has been operating on a ministry essentials only budget during this economic downturn.

3. What other financial policies govern spending at the church?

The church has adopted 10 financial guiding principles that can be accessed by clicking the guiding principles link at the bottom of this page.
The church also utilizes a purchase order system that requires staff or volunteers obtain appropriate approvals before any expenditure is incurred. Based on the staff persons role and position there are pre-set spending approval limits.  Generally, all department heads may approve expenses up to $1,000. Any expenditure in excess of $1,000 requires approval of the Executive Pastor or Associate Pastor of Administration. Any expenditure over $5,000 requires the approval of 2 Executive Pastors. Any expenditure in excess of $25,000 requires approval of the entire Executive staff. And expenditures over $50,000 require the approval of the Elders.
The church is also a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability or ECFA.  Please read Pastor Brady’s blog about this by clicking the link provided at the bottom of the page.

4. How is the Salary of the Senior Pastor determined?

The Senior Pastor’s compensation and benefits package is established by the 6 non-staff elders.  The non-staff elders do an annual performance review of the senior pastor and make adjustments to his salary on an annual basis. The non-staff elders utilize salary surveys and comparable data from other churches and ministries of a similar size. They also consider the cost of living differences within the comparison.

5. Who sets the salaries of the staff and how are they determined?

Every staff position has a ministry job description and is assigned a pay range based on pre-set criteria. The salary ranges are reviewed on an annual basis by the administration of the church and approved by the executive staff and elders. The ranges are developed in utilizing salary survey information and consultation with other churches and ministries of a similar size and in consideration of cost of living differentials. All full-time staff receive an annual performance review from their supervisor.

6. What does New Life believe about giving or tithing?

At New Life church, we believe that all believers should participate in Tithing to the local church.  
Throughout scripture there are four principles that did not change from the Old Testament to the New Testament.
  1. Everyone should give as they are able
  2. God should get our first and best
  3. Giving should be worship 
  4. God blesses generous people
We use the following guidelines for giving – give generously, give regularly and systematically, give voluntarily, give joyfully, give worshipfully, give proportionately, give sacrificially, and give quietly. All giving is a matter of the heart. 

7. How can I give to New Life Church?

There are a variety of ways to give to New Life Church.
The most common way to give at New Life Church occurs every Sunday during our worship services. At the conclusion of Worship and prior to the Sermon is the offering time. The ushers will pass white plastic offering buckets down each aisle in order to receive tithes & offerings from those who choose to give. If you choose to give by check, simply place your check in the bucket. The ushers and greeters also have envelopes to help facilitate cash, debit card or credit card gifts.
We also offer online giving at our website. Click here to access our online giving system now. You will need set-up an account and then can choose to do a one-time or recurring gift. We accept on-line electronic checks, debit cards and credit cards. We prefer that you use electronic check or debit card transaction as we do not advise anyone to going into debt to give to the church.

8. Does the church provide tax-deductible receipts?

If you give on-line or have an on-line account with the church, then you are able to access and print your giving statement here anytime you wish from your own computer.
For members who do not have an on-line account, the church will print and mail a detailed giving statement by the end of January.

9. How do I contact the church if I have a question about my giving statement, update my address or other personal information, or have other questions about the churches finances?

You may email questions or address changes to

If you have other questions about a ministry in the church a complete listing of email contacts can be accessed by clicking the "Departmental Email Address List" link below.


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