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Marriage and Family Ministries

Marriage and Family Ministries wants to be a part of helping you keep your family strong, healthy and vibrant.  Through marriage enrichment, pre-marital counseling, "Conversations on the Family" gatherings and much more, we want to walk alongside you and your family, encouraging healthy communication and happy homes.


Session #1: Instilling Faith in your Children -David and Becky Grothe
84 Ways We Offend Our Children - Dr. Gary Smalley
Recommended Parenting Resources

Session #2: Family Values -David and Becky Grothe
Session #3: The Privilege of Making Disciples of our Children -David Perkins
Recommended Parenting Resources #3

Session #4: Godly Discipline -David and Becky Grothe
Session #5: Parenting Through Deployment -Colen Willis

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