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Sun 9:00am in room 107


New Life Church has a deep heritage of extending Christ's kingdom to the ends of the earth through praying, giving, and sending. We embrace God's decree that every nation, tribe, and tongue will worship before his throne and, subsequently, believe that missions exists because worship does not. Our body has embraced this mandate to take Christ to the nations and our own community as our divine call. We commit our time, talents, and treasure to this end and embrace a theologically sound and strategically relevant approach to accomplish the building of Christ's kingdom both globally and in our city.

Upcoming Trips and Events

Aug 26
Tim Hawkins
Jun 5-9
Royal Family KIDS
May 15-25
Missions Trip - Wales - DLA
May 20-30
Missions Trip - Uganda - May
May 24-Jun 2
Missions Trip - Germany - May
May 26-Jun 4
Missions Trip - Macedonia/Albania - May
May 31-Jun 11
Missions Trip - Uganda - Father/Son - June
Missions Trip - Mozabique - Summer or Fall
Jun 2-11
Missions Trip - Wales - June
Jun 3-10
Missions Trip - Guatemala
Jun 8-21
Missions Trip - South Africa (New Life Young Adults) - June
Jun 9-21
Missions Trip - Swaziland New Life Downtown - June
Jun 10-17
Missions Trip - Honduras (FREE THE OPPRESSED)
Jul 14-23
Missions Trip - Honduras (FREE THE OPPRESSED)
Jul 19-27
Missions Trip - Honduras - July
Aug 4-16
Missions Trip - Egypt
Aug 10-20
Missions Trip - Brazil - August
Oct 14-25
Missions Trip - South Africa - Spring or Fall
Oct 20-Nov 2
Missions Trip - Israel
Missions Trip - Wales - November
Missions Trip - India - October
Nov 2-14
Missions Trip - India
Missions Trip - South Africa (DCCS)
Missions Trip - Wales - TBD
Apr 18
New Life Next
Apr 21-30
Water Baptism
May 3
First Wednesday
May 16-18
The Gathering 2017




Riaan Heyns

Executive Pastor : Outreach

Matthew Ayers

Pastor & Director : Dream Centers

Melissa Baker

Coordinator : Global Initiatives

Joan Qesteri

Pastor : Global - Internal Development