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Security Tags 

It is our priority to make every reasonable effort to ensure a safe and healthy environment for every child in our care. To do this, we use a security tag system. When you check in your child, you are given a 2-part tag with a specific number on it. The child portion is to be placed on the outside of their clothing in a visible place. The parent portion has two purposes: First, to inform parents if their presence is needed at the classroom. If this is the case, the number on our tag will be displayed on the overhead screens in the main sanctuary, as well as throughout the building. Secondly, this tag is required in order to pick up your child after service. The teachers will ensure the child and parent tags have matching numbers before allowing anyone to remove the child from the classroom. If you lose a portion of the tag system, please go to the Parent Services desk and request help. 

Visitors in the classrooms

Each teacher and volunteer should be easily identified by the name tag they wear. Any parent who wishes to observe an elementary classroom must obtain a visitor badge from the Parent Services desk. Visitors will be asked to observe from the back of the classroom, away from the children. 

Medical Emergencies/Accidents/Injuries

Parent Services will contact you through the security tag system if there is any type of emergency concerning your child. Please keep an eye on the overhead screens throughout the building.

Evacuation Plan

Every child will always be evacuated any time the alarms are sounded. The Life Safety Team will make sure the building is clear and every child is accounted for before notifying teachers that they may release children to parents with tags.

Food Allergies

Food allergies are noted on the child portion of the check-in tag. Infants are also given an arm band to ensure all workers know of the allergy. PLEASE inform the Check-in workers of any allergies we need to be aware of. Peanut and peanut oil products are never served during Sunday services or in Kid's Life. Infants are only fed what the parents include in their diaper bags.

Christine King

Associate Children's Pastor and Children's Guest Relations

For any questions regarding the check-in/check-out process, please email Christine King at


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