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Interrupted: Follow Me
Aaron Stern

August 12

Interrupted: Follow Me

You didn't get the job. They moved away. She didn't say yes. The results came back negative. You didn't pass the class. Whatever it may be, these moments all do the same thing; they interrupt. We knew where we wanted to go, how we would arrive there, who it would be with, and all the other details of our end goal. Yet, without warning or welcome, the interruption came and changed everything. If there is anything that is constant, it's change. Yet, C.S. Lewis tells us: The truth is that what one regards as interruptions are precisely one's life. Can this be? As opposed to disturbances, could they actually be what God uses to work in our lives? Or perhaps His way of ushering us into the new, the necessary, the unknown? Could they be the very place where we will need Him more than ever before, and in that, know Him in ways would never know Him without the intrusive change of plans? In this message Aaron Stern asks the question, ?Can God interrupt your life?? and shares about a personal interruption.

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