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Aaron Stern

June 8


Psalm 66:19: "...God has surely listened and heard my voice in prayer." Most of us know that prayer is a key element of our faith, but what should it look like exactly? Some people pray silently while some pray loudly. Some pray at meals, and some don't. Prayer is not just a formula or a religious expression. The Bible teaches that it is a relationship with a God who listens and answers. So how do we know if our prayers truly work? Or if we are we praying for the right things? Or in the right way? The Bible tells us to pray unceasingly. That might seem overwhelming...until you think of your cell phone. Most of us get texts all day, every day. We are always available to friends who need us. Shouldn't it be the same with God? If we can interrupt a meeting or a class to send a text to a friend, shouldn't we communicate with God just as easily and give Him permission to interrupt the busyness of our lives? Join us in this series as we answer some common questions and learn how prayer can deepen our intimacy with God and increase our effectiveness in His Kingdom.

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