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10 Commandments: 8th Word - You Shall Not Steal
Andrew Stoddard
Ten Commandments

July 22

10 Commandments: 8th Word - You Shall Not Steal

Even if you haven't actively stolen something lately, there's still a robust invitation for you in the eighth word. "Do not steal" runs in conjunction with an opportunity for "open-handed living." Teaching from both Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 15, guest speaker Andrew Stoddard helps you form a vision for what open-handed living looks like practically, and he gives you the tools you need to identify and overcome the 3 most common reasons that we fail to heed God's invitation to open-handed lives. By exploring and confronting improper emphases of Lack, Identity, and Fear, you'll be released to meet God in place of wonder and meet your neighbor with a willing heart.

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