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CO-ED: man up
Aaron Stern

August 24

CO-ED: man up

Every Friday night, you sit next to each other. You attend small groups together and go to movies together. You gaze at each other from across the room and talk about each other over coffee with friends. Most everywhere you go, they are there too. Who are these constant companions? You guessed it. We're talking about the opposite sex. It doesn't take much for most of us to admit our deep interest in anything co-ed. Often, though, curiousity and confusion go hand-in-hand. Come join us for a first-ever at theMILL. Aaron Stern talks to the ladies one week and to the men the next, but - sshh, don't tell anyone - everyone is invited! Men - this is your chance to gain key insight into the fairer sex. Ladies - here is your opportunity to understand what goes on inside the hearts and minds of men. Together, be challenged to raise the bar in how men and women interact with and understand each other. See you there!

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