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IN GOD WE TRUST: the wrong question
Aaron Stern

February 1

IN GOD WE TRUST: the wrong question

Money is a necessity of life - one that many of us would prefer to think about less and talk about hardly at all. Unfortunately, leaving this subject untouched also leaves most of us with a multitude of questions. What role should money play in my daily life? How do I balance my needs with my wants? Should I have a budget even if I don't make any money? How much should I save? Is it ever okay to go into debt? What about tithing? How much? How often? The Bible tells us that where our hearts are is where our treasure is also. Often this requires us to trust God and believe that our security lies not in the amount of money in our wallet but in the One who ultimately provides for us. Join theMILL for a series on cultivating a biblical perspective on finances and find deeper freedom and hope than you could imagine.

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