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RESONATE: sustaining a life of worship
Glenn Packiam

February 15

RESONATE: sustaining a life of worship

Most of us have a fairly accurate definition of worship. It's pretty much about praising God, right? Seems straightforward. So why is worship easy for some and hindered for others? Why does it spill out one day and feel like work the next? Distractions, confusion, shame over our mistakes, pride and so on can bottleneck our praise. How do we remove the things which clog our hearts and develop a consistent worship life amplifying God's character? We must first truly understand who He is in order to understand how to respond -- the deeper our revelation of God's love and forgiveness, the greater the outpouring of our worship. Join Glenn Packiam for a two week series on worship and come away with an increased knowing of God's incredible love and how that compels us to resonate His glory.

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