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GIVE: Compelled by Love
Aaron Stern

December 19

GIVE: Compelled by Love

What comes to mind when you hear Christmas? Lights? Carols? Candy canes? Christmas trees? Most of us probably also find ourselves thinking, "I wonder what I'll be getting this year?" After all, Christmas is one time when we all eagerly anticipate a present or two...or five...or ten. But how often do we think about going above and beyond, maybe even for a total stranger? It's interesting, isn't it? In a season when we celebrate the greatest gift of all - Jesus Christ, Savior of the world - we often find the greatest difficulty embracing the truth that it is better to give than to receive. What would the world be like if the question rattling around in our heads at Christmas was not "What am I going to get?" but rather "How am I going to give?" Join Aaron Stern and theMILL for our annual talk on giving and come to a deeper understanding on living a generous life.

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