11am Service Section 8/9

I am a single parent of two amazing young men Michael 26 and Jordan 16.  I am the eighth child of eleven siblings. Born and raised in Chicago, IL and came to Colorado Springs via Ft Bragg, NC after serving in the US Army in 1992. Left for 3 1/2 years when I went to Germany between 1994&1998 and returned. I educate families on saving for retirement as well as helping them accelerate getting out of debt so they can free up more money.  I also work as an Admin for the Department of Defense. I like to run and do home improvement projects.  I enjoy going into luxurious homes and dream & get ideas..unoccupied homes of course.  Michael and Jordan enjoy eating, especially Jordan. I love how truly focused Section Community has made me to sincerely get to know others on purpose and that I don't have to be some unrealistic super saint to do it.  Intentional living.

Service 11 am Service
Section Leader Ethel Griffin and Lise and Todd Ketterer
Contact Email griff_eth@yahoo.com
Section Party2nd Sunday of the Month