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Dale and Janice have been married for 27 years and they have 3 children. The oldest Son went to be with Jesus 14 years ago. The second Son is in San Diego with his wife and he has two children. The third a Daughter who is married and they both attend the University of Mary in North Dakota. Dale was born in Knoxville Tennessee and grew up in Indianapolis Indiana and Janice is a Colorado native whose family is from the Del Norte - Center area. Dale was moved to Colorado Springs by the US Air Force in 1987 to be stationed at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force station. Before Cheyenne Mountain was 4 years in Italy at Aviano Air Force base and Camp Darby Army depot. He attended and served with the Church of God Ministry to the military in Italy. Dale spent 10 years as a Praise and Worship Leader at Springs Worship Center here in Colorado Springs. During that time him and Janice met and got married while working together at SCI systems. They moved with the entire family to Tulsa and Dale attended Oral Roberts University for one year. They moved back to Colorado Springs and started attending New Life spending many years on the praise teams and choir. Also along with the other family members were in several of the Thorn productions. After spending a couple years as section hosts in 2B they are now Section Leaders in 11B.

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Section Leader Dale & Janice McLemore
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