Other messages in:
Worship, Connect, Serve

  1. Worship, Connect, Serve: Why Worship?

Other messages in:
Beauty From Ashes

  1. Beauty From Ashes: Light
  2. Beauty From Ashes: Joy From A Stump
  3. Beauty From Ashes: Advent Week 2
  4. Beauty From Ashes: Agony, Ecstasy, and the Waiting in Between

Other messages in:

  1. Beloved: Concluding Remarks: Keep Yourselves From Idols
  2. Beloved: Discerning the Spirits
  3. Beloved: "His Seed Remains In You..."
  4. Beloved: This Stuff Is Concrete...
  5. Beloved: Walking As Jesus Walked
  6. Beloved: Walking In The Light

Other messages in:
Addicted To Busy

  1. Addicted To Busy: Circles of Quiet Within The Clamor of Evil
  2. Addicted To Busy: Sabbath: Anticipating Deep Shalom
  3. Addicted To Busy: Holiness in Time

Other messages in:
Q&A 2014

  1. Q&A: Week 2
  2. Q&A: Week 1

Other messages in:
Holy Words

  1. Holy Words: A Law of Love
  2. Holy Words: Yes and Amen
  3. Holy Words: The Subterranean Love of God
  4. Holy Words: Slow Beauty Covenanting in an Idolatrous World
  5. Holy Words: You Have Stayed At This Mountain Long Enough...
  6. Holy Words: Rehearse These Words

Other messages in:
God At Work

  1. God At Work: Job One
  2. God At Work: The Toil and Joy of Work
  3. Guest Speaker: Pete Greig: How To Waste Your Time With God

Other messages in:
Peculiar People

  1. Peculiar People: A Safe Place In A Dangerous World
  2. Peculiar People: Apocalypse Now
  3. Peculiar People: Learning to Live at Risk

Other messages in:

  1. Lent Week 5: Significance of Suffering: Journey With Jesus to The Cross
  2. Lent Week 4: Life In The Fast Lane
  3. Lent Week 3: A Fast That's Pleasing to the Lord
  4. Lent Week 2: The Temptations of Jesus
  5. Lent Week 1: Lamenting The Gaps
  6. Lent: God is Coming Your Way
  7. Lent: Remember, and Don't You Dare Forget

Other messages in:
The Divine Chapters

  1. The Divine Chapters: Transfiguring Prayer
  2. The Divine Chapters: What Should I Do?
  3. The Divine Chapters: The Two Shall Become One Flesh: A Talk About Sex
  4. The Divine Chapters: A Calling To Follow Jesus
  5. The Divine Chapters: A Theology of Work
  6. The Divine Chapters: Laying Foundation
  7. The Divine Chapters: Living Well Is An Art Form

Other messages in:
The Saints

  1. The Saints: Francis
  2. The Saints: The Sacraments of the Saints
  3. The Saints: Prodding Us Toward Faithfulness
  4. The Saints: Guess What: You're One of Them

Other messages in:
Surprised By Joy

  1. Surprised By Joy Session 4: Routines That Lead to Joy
  2. Surprised By Joy Session 3: Is Joy Realistic?
  3. Surprised By Joy Session 2: Panim- Finding Joy in Being Face to Face
  4. Surprised By Joy Session 1: God Is A Fundamentally Happy Being

Other messages in:
Dinner Groups

  1. Dinner Groups: Week 2
  2. Dinner Groups: Week 1

Other messages in:
The King's Speech

  1. The King's Speech: Building a Life that Lasts
  2. The King's Speech: Fruit, The Great Consequence of Abiding
  3. The King's Speech: The Two Paths
  4. The King's Speech: Life-Giving Judgment
  5. The King's Speech: No Worries
  6. The King's Speech: Treasures In Heaven
  7. The King's Speech: When You Fast
  8. The Lord's Prayer: Making our Home in God
  9. If Your Eye Causes You to Sin
  10. The King's Speech: Walking Out of the Prison of Anger
  11. The King's Speech: An Internalized Righteousness, An External Change
  12. The King's Speech: The Way The World Finds God
  13. The King's Speech: The Beautitudes
  14. The King's Speech: The Kind of King We're Working With

Other messages in:
Q & A

  1. Q&A: Continued
  2. Q&A: Lust
  3. Q&A: Week Two
  4. Q&A: Week One
  5. Q&A Week 2
  6. Q&A Week 1
  7. Q&A Week 2
  8. Q&A Week 1
  9. Q & A - Part II - September 2009
  10. Q & A - Part I - September 2009
  11. Q & A - Part II - May 2008
  12. Q & A - Part I - May 2008
  13. Q & A - Part II - The Holy Spirit - August 2007
  14. Q & A - Part I - August 2007
  15. Q & A - Part II - March 2007
  16. Q & A - Part I - March 2007

Other messages in:
Resurrection Stories

  1. Living With The Flaps Up
  2. Resurrection Stories: The God Who Just Keeps Coming
  3. Resurrection Stories: The God of the Resurrection

Other messages in:
Good Friday

  1. Good Friday
  2. Good Friday

Other messages in:
Listen Up

  1. Listen Up: Let Another Man's Lips Praise You
  2. Listen Up: Some Assembly Required
  3. Listen Up: Four Deaths
  4. Listen Up: A Good Name
  5. Listen Up: The Great Communal Project

Other messages in:

  1. Prayer: Giving Your Words To God
  2. Prayer: Ear, Hand, Mouth
  3. Prayer: Jesus is Praying For You

Other messages in:
Advent 2012

  1. Advent Week 3: A Candle in the Cave
  2. Advent Week 1: Believing

Other messages in:
Fall Retreat: Pillars

  1. theMILL Fall Retreat: Pillars: Communion
  2. theMILL Fall Retreat: Pillars: Baptism
  3. theMILL Fall Retreat: Pillars: The Lord's Prayer
  4. theMILL Fall Retreat: Pillars: Creed

Other messages in:

  1. Ephesians Week 8: Wrapping It Up
  2. Ephesians Week 7: Imitating God
  3. Ephesians Week 6: Putting Off and Putting On
  4. Ephesians Week 5: A Worthy Life
  5. Ephesians Week 4: Paul's Passionate Prayer
  6. Ephesians Week 3: The Mystery and The Mandate
  7. Ephesians Week 2: From The Outside Moving Inward
  8. Ephesians Week 1: From The Center Moving Outward

Other messages in:

  1. Church: Home
  2. Church: Following God on His Terms
  3. Church: A House Where Things Happen

Other messages in:
Between Two Worlds

  1. Between Two Worlds: The Real Easter
  2. Between Two Worlds: Lent and the Adventure of Repentance
  3. Between Two Worlds: Killing the Beast of Envy
  4. Between Two Worlds: A Fast That Pleases God
  5. Between Two Worlds: Learning to Limp

Other messages in:
Let's Eat

  1. The Lord's Table: Orthodoxy, Orthopraxy, and the Dinner Table
  2. The Lord's Table: Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Other messages in:

  1. Give: The Not-So-Absent Jesus
  2. Give: An Exploration of The Prince of Peace
  3. Give: Cultural Disentanglement
  4. Give
  5. GIVE: Compelled by Love
  6. GIVE: is it really better?
  7. GIVE: marked by God

Other messages in:

  1. Go: A Kingdom of Priests
  2. Go: Downward Mobility
  3. Go: The Great Commission: A fast transaction or a slow transformation?
  4. Go: Nero's Dead, King Jesus Reigns!
  5. Go: What's your vision?
  6. Go:are you a world Christian?
  7. Go: no spectators allowed

Other messages in:
People Of God

  1. theMILL Fall Retreat: People Of God: Out of the Kiddie Pool
  2. theMILL Fall Retreat: People Of God: Community Formation: The Rules of Plate Tectonics
  3. theMILL Fall Retreat: People Of God: Grafted to the People of God
  4. theMILL Fall Retreat: People Of God: A Peculiar People

Other messages in:
Hanging In The Balance

  1. Hanging In The Balance: Hospitality Taken Seriously
  2. Hanging In The Balance: Grace-Driven Effort
  3. Hanging In The Balance: Living What We're Saying

Other messages in:
Getting To Know You

  1. Getting To Know You: Part Three
  2. Getting To Know You: Part Two

Other messages in:

  1. Interrupted: The Bigger Story
  2. Interrupted: The Universal Equalizer
  3. Interrupted: Follow Me
  4. Interrupted: New Questions

Other messages in:
Warning Signs

  1. Warning Signs: The Girl With The Little Pink Bunny

Other messages in:
The College Adventure Handbook

  1. The College Adventure Handbook, Part 2
  2. The College Adventure Handbook, Part 1

Other messages in:

  1. Pneuma: Not About You
  2. Pneuma: Weird But True
  3. Pneuma: Yes Please
  4. Pneuma: Mystery With A Purpose
  5. Pneuma: Holy Who?
  6. Pneuma: Better

Other messages in:

  1. Worship: Bring It All
  2. Worship: All Together Now
  3. Worship: Luckbearer
  4. Worship: Less me... More God.

Other messages in:

  1. CoEd: Men Only
  2. CoEd
  3. CO-ED: brace yourself like a man
  4. CO-ED: you're worth dying for
  5. CO-ED: man up
  6. CO-ED: ladies first

Other messages in:

  1. Reckless: Who will you be?
  2. Reckless: Just As Lost
  3. Reckless: Wake Up

Other messages in:

  1. Filter: Alone or Together
  2. Filter: Me or Jesus?
  3. Filter: Wise or Foolish?
  4. Filter: Lazy or Thoughtful?

Other messages in:

  1. Colossians (11): Personal but Not Private
  2. Colossians (10): Because I Must
  3. Colossians (9): Marked by Christ
  4. Colossians (8): Get Dressed
  5. Colossians (7): Renovate Your Mind
  6. Colossians (6): Don't Chase Shadows
  7. Colossians (5): Nothing More, Nothing Less
  8. Colossians (4): 3 Words That Change Everything
  9. Colossians (3): from, through, to
  10. Colossians (2): God-Shaped Prayers
  11. Colossians (1): Trust The Invisible

Other messages in:
Life Fall Retreat

  1. Life Fall Retreat: Sunday Morning
  2. Life Fall Retreat: Saturday Night
  3. Life Fall Retreat: Breakout: Aaron Wagner
  4. Life Fall Retreat: Breakout: Matt Morgan
  5. Life Fall Retreat: Breakout: Jossie Stern and Erin Meadows
  6. Life Fall Retreat: Saturday Morning
  7. Life Fall Retreat: Friday Night

Other messages in:

  1. STORY: love (2)
  2. STORY: love
  3. STORY: faith (2)
  4. STORY: faith

Other messages in:
The Word Of God

  1. The Word Of God: Jesus
  2. The Word Of God: The Bible

Other messages in:

  1. Ordinary: Missions
  2. Ordinary: God isn't Here...or is He?
  3. Ordinary: Pineapples, Puffs and Mums

Other messages in:
I Am

  1. I Am... Jealous
  2. I Am... Sanctifier
  3. I Am... Peace
  4. I Am... Father
  5. I Am... the I AM

Other messages in:

  1. Ten: The UnEnforceable Command
  2. Ten: Kill The Hum
  3. Ten: Take Off The Pressure
  4. Ten: All Fruit Starts With a Seed
  5. Ten: The Heart of a Killer
  6. Ten: Mom and Dad and a Long Life
  7. Ten: Stop, Remember and Be Free
  8. Ten: So Much More Than OMG
  9. Ten: Thou Shalt Not Dumb God Down
  10. Ten: Thou Shalt Close The Idol Factory

Other messages in:
The Secret Life of the Christian Twentysomething

  1. Secret Life: Secret Giving
  2. Secret Life: Secret Fasting
  3. Secret Life: Secret Prayer

Other messages in:
Fall Retreat: Belong

  1. BELONG: The Kingdom BELONGS to You
  2. BELONG: We BELONG to each other
  3. BELONG: Sticks and Stones
  4. BELONG: Building a Bible-centered Community
  5. BELONG: Elephant X-ing
  6. BELONG: You BELONG to God

Other messages in:
I Do

  1. I Do: Sex, Sex and More Sex
  2. I Do: You Aren't a Natural
  3. I Do: I Do Is Easy
  4. I Do: Selfishness or Sacrament

Other messages in:

  1. Jimmy: Have Patience
  2. Jimmy: Friend of The World or Friend of God?
  3. Jimmy: Watch Your Mouth
  4. Jimmy: No Favorites
  5. Jimmy: Grow Up

Other messages in:
Secondhand Jesus

  1. Secondhand Jesus, Pt 2: God is Pleased With My Goodness
  2. Secondhand Jesus: God Can Be Added To a List of Loyalties

Other messages in:

  1. Success: Retire
  2. Success: Relinquish
  3. SUCCESS: ReDefine
  4. SUCCESS: Rethink

Other messages in:

  1. CLOSER: Week 2
  2. CLOSER: Week 1

Other messages in:

  1. CO-ED: Guys
  2. CO-ED: Girls

Other messages in:
Death & All His Friends

  1. Death & All His Friends: The Conclusion of the Matter
  2. Death & All His Friends: Wrath
  3. Death & All His Friends: Lust
  4. Death & All His Friends: Sloth
  5. Death & All His Friends: Greed
  6. Death & All His Friends: Gluttony
  7. Death & All His Friends: Envy
  8. Death & All His Friends: Pride
  9. Death & All His Friends: Call It What It Is

Other messages in:

  1. MAN IN THE MIDDLE: lead
  2. MAN IN THE MIDDLE: miracles
  4. MAN IN THE MIDDLE: need
  5. MAN IN THE MIDDLE: kingdom

Other messages in:

  1. BAGGAGE: always unpacking
  2. BAGGAGE: the F word
  3. BAGGAGE: identify
  4. BAGGAGE: claim it

Other messages in:

  1. I LIKE CHURCH: walk, become, develop
  2. I LIKE CHURCH: what matters
  3. I LIKE CHURCH: all in
  4. I LIKE CHURCH: in the beginning
  5. I LIKE CHURCH: it's not an organization

Other messages in:

  1. TRUE COLORS: God at work
  2. TRUE COLORS: are we there yet?
  3. TRUE COLORS: hello, my name is...
  4. TRUE COLORS: a new you

Other messages in:

  1. UNEXPECTED: it will turn out
  2. UNEXPECTED: the universal equalizer
  3. UNEXPECTED: living a broken life
  4. UNEXPECTED: stop the spinning
  5. UNEXPECTED: ugly packages... amazing gifts
  6. UNEXPECTED: expect it

Other messages in:

  1. HEART, MIND, SOUL: love starts now
  2. HEART, MIND, SOUL: love gives all

Other messages in:

  1. RESONATE: let worship rock and justice roll
  2. RESONATE: through the valley
  3. RESONATE: sustaining a life of worship
  4. RESONATE: so, what's stopping you?

Other messages in:

  1. IN GOD WE TRUST: the wrong question
  2. IN GOD WE TRUST: where did it all go?
  3. IN GOD WE TRUST: first or leftovers?
  4. IN GOD WE TRUST: your heart is on the line

Other messages in:

  1. FAME: invest your life
  2. FAME: one way
  3. FAME: everyone is called

Other messages in:

  1. THIRSTY: Get Out of The House
  2. THIRSTY: The Real Thing
  3. THIRSTY: God Only Knows
  4. THIRSTY: Thirsty for You

Other messages in:

  1. WHAT'S YOUR SECRET? : He Overcame
  2. WHAT'S YOUR SECRET? : a promise that can't deliver
  3. WHAT'S YOUR SECRET? : break the cycle
  4. WHAT'S YOUR SECRET? : next step

Life Fall Retreat: Breakout: Jossie Stern and Erin Meadows
Jossie Stern and Erin Meadows
Oct 23, 2010
Jossie Stern and Erin Meadows breakout session from theMILL Fall Retreat.