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Eschatology: What is the Christian Hope?

  1. Week 4: Inaugurated Eschatology: What Does All This Means Here and Now?
  2. Week 3: New Heaven and New Earth: What Does the Restoration of All Things Mean?
  3. Week 2: Bodily Resurrection: What Happens When We Die?
  4. Week 1: More than Heaven: What is the End Goal?

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Old Testament 1: Pentateuch

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Abiding in the Spirit

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  2. Abiding in the Spirit, Part 2: Being
  3. Abiding in the Spirit, Part 1: Knowing

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The Book of Psalms: Reading, Studying, and Praying the Psalms

  1. Praying the Psalms
  2. The Poetry and Movement of the Psalms
  3. The Genre of the Psalms
  4. The Themes in the Psalms

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Spiritual Practices

  1. The Practice of Sabbath, Silence, and Solitud
  2. The Practice of Fasting
  3. The Practice of Prayer

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Distinctive Christian Doctrines

  1. What is the Kingdom of God and What Does It Mean For Us Both In This Age and in the Age to Come?
  2. What is God's Single, Sovereign, Saving Plan?
  3. Why is the Belief in the Trinity Central to Christianity?

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What is the Bible and How Do We Make Sense of It?

  1. How Can I Study the Bible and Apply it?
  2. How Was the Bible Put Together?
  3. What is the Bible About?

Week 3: New Heaven and New Earth: What Does the Restoration of All Things Mean?
Feb 20, 2011
In this podcast, Glenn Packiam provides a Biblical framework for thinking about the New Heaven and New Earth. The narrative of Scripture is the story of Creation, Covenant, Jesus, New Covenant, and New Creation. The Creator God made a good world. The result of human sin is the fracturing of heaven and earth, of human relationship with God, and of human relationship with each other. But Gods plan of salvation is a plan to pull it all together again to make all things new. The vehicle for Gods salvation is the Covenant, specifically His covenant with Abraham. But Abrahams descendants Israel is unfaithful. Enter: Jesus. Jesus, as the seed of Abraham, remains faithful to the covenant and by suffering our death, renews the covenant; Jesus, as the Divine Co-Creator, brings about new creation through His resurrection. Through Jesus, God is faithful to His project of Creation and His promise to restore and bless it through Abrahams family. It also means that when we surrender to Christ, we become a new creation in advance of heaven and earth being made new. While we dont know much detail of the precise continuity and discontinuity between this heaven and this earth and new heaven and new earth, we suspect that like Jesus physical body that passed through death and was transformed, this earth and heaven will experience a death of judgment and then be made new: the same materials reconstituted with new properties.