Other messages:

  1. Why Sufferin
  2. Making Disciples
  3. DSM: Guardrails: Detour
  4. Flaw of Familiarity
  5. DSM: Guardrails: Life With Limits
  6. DSM: Prayer Talks: Dan Perkins
  7. DSM: Me, My Selfie, and I: Week 3
  8. DSM: Me, My Selfie, and I: Week 2
  9. DSM: Me, My Selfie, and I: Week 1
  10. DSM: Refuse To Cruise: Brandon Cormier
  11. Desperation Conference 2014: David Perkins 7pm
  12. Desperation Conference 2014: John Eldredge
  13. Desperation Conference 2014: Dan Perkins
  14. Desperation Conference 2014: Mike Bickle 9am
  15. Desperation Conference 2014: Mike Bickle 7pm
  16. Desperation Conference 2014: Brandon Cormier
  17. Desperation Conference 2014: Amy Perkins
  18. Desperation Conference 2014: Banning Liebscher
  19. Desperation Conference 2014: David Perkins 3pm
  20. DSM: Picture Perfect: Octavia's Story
  21. DSM: Picture Perfect: Dan and Amy's Stories
  22. DSM: Picture Perfect: Home Hurts
  23. DSM: In Every Season... Obey: David Perkins
  24. DSM: Can't Be Good Enough: Andrew Williams
  25. Prayer Summit 2014: Dick Eastman: The Secret of Waiting on God
  26. Prayer Summit 2014: John Bevere: Interacting With The Holy Spirit
  27. Prayer Summit 2014: David Perkins: What's It To You
  28. DSM: Heartbeat of Heaven: Knowing While Going
  29. DSM: Heartbeat of Heaven: Love Em Till It Hurts
  30. DSM: DSM by DSM: Student Preachers
  31. DSM: Heartbeat of Heaven: Fallen, Not Finished
  32. DSM: Heartbeat of Heaven: Go To Samaria
  33. DSM: Heartbeat of Heaven: The Family Business
  34. DSM: Desperation Stories
  35. DSM: Strings Attached: From Temptation to Elevation
  36. DSM: Strings Attached: Soul Ties
  37. DSM: Strings Attached: Dating Lies
  38. DSM: All In: Desperate for Daniel
  39. DSM: All In: Think Fast
  40. DSM: Candlelight Service: Don't Miss Jesus
  41. DSM: More Than A Song: The Key to Praise
  42. DSM: More Than A Song: Perpetual Praise
  43. DLA, The Gathering, From The Rising Of The Sun,
  44. DLA, The Gathering, From The Rising Of The Sun,
  45. DSM: More Than A Song: Respond to the One
  46. DSM: More Than A Song: The Cry of God's Heart
  47. DSM: Coram Deo Fall Retreat: Keeping the Fire
  48. DSM: Coram Deo: Power From On High
  49. DSM: Coram Deo: The Great Invitation
  50. DSM: Coram Deo Fall Retreat: Uncivilized
  51. DSM: Girl's Night: Amy Perkins
  52. DSM: Entourage: #Jonathan
  53. DSM: Entourage: Holy Wounds
  54. DSM: Entourage: Fight for Friends
  55. DSM: Entourage: Mirror, Mirror
  56. DSM: Won to One: Eagerly Desire the Gifts
  57. DSM: Won to One: Won to One
  58. DSM: Won to One: 8,035 Hours From Now
  59. July Conference 2013: David Perkins
  60. July Conference 2013: Dan Perkins
  61. July Conference 2013: John MacDonald
  62. July Conference 2013: Banning Liebscher
  63. July Conference 2013: John Gray
  64. July Conference Vow Sessions 2013: Brandon Cormier
  65. July Conference Vow Sessions 2013: Jeremiah Parks
  66. July Conference Vow Sessions 2013: Keith Null
  67. July Conference Vow Sessions 2013: Amy Perkins
  68. July Conference 2013: Brady Boyd
  69. July Conference 2013: David Perkins
  70. DSM: Defy the Odds
  71. June Conference 2013: David Perkins
  72. June Conference 2013: Aaron Stern
  73. June Conference 2013: Brandon Cormier
  74. June Conference 2013: Pete Creig
  75. June Conference 2013: Ron Luce
  76. June Conference Vow Sessions 2013: Jon Zondervan
  77. June Conference Vow Sessions 2013: Candace Davis
  78. June Conference Vow Sessions 2013: Dan Perkins
  79. June Conference Vow Sessions 2013: Mark Pettus
  80. June Conference 2013: Brady Boyd
  81. June Conference 2013: David Perkins
  82. DSM: I Believe: I Believe in Jesus
  83. DSM: I Believe: Greatness in God's Eyes
  84. DSM: Flirt: Freedom
  85. DSM: Flirt: The Dating Myth
  86. Prayer Summit 2013: Dick Eastman - Make Room for His Glory
  87. Prayer Summit 2013: Brady Boyd - Preaching to Make Disciples
  88. Prayer Summit 2013: David Perkins - You Are Called
  89. DSM: Culture of Honor: Honor Your Parents
  90. DSM: JH: Culture of Honor: Honoring Gods Presence
  91. DLA: The Gathering: The Power of Devotional Prayer
  92. DSM: Heroes: John The Baptist
  93. DSM: Heroes: Davids Mighty Men
  94. DSM: Heroes: The Making of a Hero
  95. DSM: Student Speakers
  96. DLA: The Gathering: The Revelation of Intercession
  97. DSM: Heroes: Moses
  98. DLA: The Gathering: Knowing God as Father
  99. DSM: Heartwork: Destiny Rescuing Destiny
  100. DLA: The Gathering: Knowing God's Grace
  101. DSM: Heartwork: Poverty of the Heart
  102. DLA: The Gathering: Knowing Gods Love
  103. DSM: JH: Better Together
  104. DSM: HS: Heartwork: Jeremiah Parks
  105. DSM: JH: Think fast
  106. DSM: HS: Give Your Life Away: John Mc Donald
  107. DLA: The Gathering: The Flaw of Familiarity
  108. DSM: JH: Pause: Attitude of Gratitude
  109. DSM: HS: Every Home: David Perkins
  110. DSM: JH: Pause: Rewind
  111. DSM: Coram Deo Fall Retreat: Grrrr
  112. DSM: Coram Deo Fall Retreat: Power From On High
  113. DSM: Coram Deo Fall Retreat: Solo
  114. DSM: Coram Deo Fall Retreat: Cleaning house for the Holy Spirit
  115. DSM: JH: YOLO: Shamu-Trainer Christianity
  116. DSM: HS: YOLO: Settlers or Pioneers?
  117. DSM: HS: YOLO: White Fields
  118. DSM: JH: YOLO: No Regrets
  119. DSM: HS: YOLO: One Life To Give
  120. DSM: JH: Styrofoam Cups
  121. DSM: JH: Belong: To A Movement
  122. DSM: HS: Belong: To A Movement
  123. DSM: HS: Belong: We are Family
  124. DSM: JH: Belong: Because I Belong to God
  125. DSM: HS: Belong: We Belong to a Family
  126. DSM: HS: Belong: We Belong to God
  127. DSM: HS: Belong: To God The Father
  128. DSM: Cory's Story
  129. July Conference 2K12: David Perkins
  130. July Conference 2K12: Dan Perkins
  131. July Conference 2K12: Jeanne Mayo
  132. July Conference 2K12: Elijah Waters
  133. July Conference 2K12: Glenn Packiam
  134. July Conference 2K12: Brady Boyd
  135. July Conference 2K12: David Perkins
  136. June Conference 2K12: David Perkins
  137. June Conference 2K12: Dan Perkins
  138. June Conference 2K12: Brady Boyd
  139. June Conference 2K12: Mark Batterson
  140. June Conference 2K12: David Perkins
  141. June Conference 2K12: Chris Durso
  142. June Conference 2K12: Matthew Barnett
  143. DSM: HS: Uncensored: Sexuality
  144. DSM: HS: Uncensored: Love
  145. DSM: HS: Uncensored: Dating
  146. DSM: What's Your Secret?: Freedom through Confession
  147. DSM: HS: What's Your Secret?: Vomit
  148. DSM: JH: Not For Sale
  149. DSM: HS: What's Your Secret?: Clean
  150. DSM: JH: Not A Fan: Fan or Follower?
  151. DSM: HS: What's Your Secret?: Secret Sin
  152. DLA: Leadership Interview
  153. DSM: HS: Not a Fan: The Differences Between Fan and Follower
  154. DSM: HS: Not a Fan: Fan or Follower?
  155. DSM: JH: Me, Myself, and I: Where am I?
  156. DSM: HS: DSM by DSM: Student Preachers
  157. DSM: JH: Me, Myself, and I: Who am I?
  158. DSM: HS: Revivalists: Pray for Revival
  159. DSM: JH: Revivalists: Shhhh...
  160. DSM: HS: Revivalists: Hear His Voice
  161. DSM: JH: Revivalists: Clear the Stage, Crush the Idols
  162. DSM: HS: Revivalists: Crush Your Idols
  163. DSM: JH: The Dare: Stood Up... Again
  164. DSM: HS: Fear Factor: No Fear
  165. DLA: Gathering: Ascenders
  166. DSM: JH: The Dare: I Dare You
  167. DSM: HS: Crash: Hear it, Speak it, Do it
  168. DSM: JH: Crash: Speak Up!
  169. DSM: Crash: The Secret of Obedience
  170. DSM: Crash: From Ordinary to Extraordinary
  171. DSM: Crash: Not for the Faint of Heart
  172. DSM: Love+Love: Love em till it hurts
  173. DSM: Love + Love: Loved First
  174. DSM: Get In The Game: The Joy Of Sacrifice
  175. DSM: Get In The Game: Put Me In, Coach
  176. DSM: Get In The Game: Play Your Position
  177. DSM: Get In The Game: A Good Offense
  178. DSM: Misfits: Awkward
  179. DLA Gathering: The Why's & How's
  180. DSM: Misfits: King David's Mighty Misfits
  181. DSM: Misfits: Chasing Cool
  182. Desperation Conference: Remember Who You Are
  183. Desperation Conference: Banning Liebscher
  184. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Doug Weiss
  185. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Dan Perkins
  186. Desperation Conference: Dan Perkins
  187. Desperation Conference: On A Night Like This
  188. Desperation Conference: Hooks And Lies
  189. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: JD Swilley
  190. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Nate Direnski
  191. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Amy Perkins
  192. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Tom Davis
  193. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Tyrel Koenes
  194. Desperation Conference: A Fearsome Shepherd and His Fearless Sheep
  195. Desperation Conference: Repent
  196. DLA: Leadership Interview
  197. Desperation Conference: Joel Stockstill
  198. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Ben Pirtle
  199. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Doug Weiss
  200. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Glenn Packiam
  201. Desperation Conference: Dan Perkins
  202. Desperation Conference: Shaine Claiborne
  203. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Glenn Packiam
  204. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Doug Lassit
  205. Desperation Conference Breakout Session: Tyrel Koenes
  206. Desperation Conference: Hooks And Lies
  207. Desperation Conference: Soul Pants
  208. Supernatural: Supernatural Presence
  209. Supernatural: Supernatural Healer
  210. Supernatural: Supernatural Friend
  211. Supernatural: Supernatural Boldness
  212. Dad
  213. In Process
  214. Sing: God You Save
  215. Desperation Conference 2011: No Compromise
  216. Sing: Refuse To Be Denied
  217. Guest Speaker: Carter Moore
  218. Sing: Amazed
  219. Guest Speaker
  220. Systems of a Kingdom Mindset
  221. Turn (Parents Seminar) Tom Lane
  222. Student Preacher: Desperate For Love
  223. Student Preacher: Desperate For Strength
  224. Student Preacher: Desperate For The Word
  225. Loserville: McLustBuckets
  226. Lead Like Moses
  227. Loserville: Slackertons
  228. Women's Connect: The Secret Life of a Daughter
  229. The Key to Righteousness
  230. Loserville: O'Phools
  231. We Are Family: Laugh Together
  232. We Are Family: Love Each Other
  233. Incarnate: Great Joy
  234. Desperation Internships: End of the Year
  235. Incarnate: Don't Miss It
  236. Women's Connect: Beauty
  237. Why You Are Here
  238. Desperation Internships: No Compromise
  239. Desperation Internships: From Got to Get
  240. Elijah: Enjoyable, Effective Prayer for Everybody
  241. Living the Dream
  242. Elijah: The Earnest Prayers of DSM
  243. Coram Deo: Power
  244. Coram Deo: Prayer
  245. Coram Deo: Freedom
  246. Coram Deo: Salvation
  247. Coram Deo: Goofy gods and Lame lords
  248. Set Apart
  249. Coram Deo: Worship
  250. Women's Connect: Woman to woman
  251. Fruits of Suffering
  252. Unstoppable: Familiar Voice
  253. Prayer
  254. Unstoppable: Nothing Is Impossible
  255. 9 Keys
  256. Unstoppable: Add As Friend- Holy Spirit
  257. Unstoppable: Becoming Unstoppable
  258. Yearbook: 5 Steps To Leading A Campus Prayer Meeting
  259. Yearbook: 7 Steps to Successful Leadership on Campus
  260. Yearbook: Lead Now
  261. Student Preacher: Sky Miller
  262. Jesus Is Awesome: Jesus Is The Man
  263. Jesus Is Awesome: King Jesus
  264. DECADE 2010:: July: Courage
  265. DECADE 2010:: July: Be A Witness
  266. DECADE 2010:: July: Big God... Big Worship
  267. DECADE 2010:: July: Untamed
  268. DECADE 2010:: July: God Loves You- ReDefined
  269. DECADE 2010 :: July: The Rules for War
  270. DECADE 2010 :: July: Why Do You Follow Jesus?
  271. DTR: You Can Be Free
  272. DTR: Flee Lust
  273. DTR: Set A Pure Example
  274. DECADE 2010: Courage
  275. DECADE 2010: Sin Tooth
  276. DECADE 2010: Big God... Big Worship
  277. DECADE 2010: Your Life Song
  278. DECADE 2010: God Loves You
  279. DECADE 2010: The Rules for War
  280. DECADE 2010: Why Do You Follow Jesus?
  281. the40: Jesus
  282. the40: David
  283. the40: Caleb
  284. The 40: Noah
  285. TURN- A Parenting Seminar: Parenting From The Inside Out
  286. Who Knows?
  287. On Your Mark.
  288. Fight For Your Friends: Use Me
  289. Fight For Your Friends: Preach
  290. Fight For Your Friends: Take Them To Jesus
  291. Ordinary
  292. Responding to God
  293. ID: Profiles
  294. The Deeper Life
  295. ID: Voices
  296. Know God
  297. ID: Sons
  298. I.D.
  299. I See: Consecration
  300. I See: Intercession
  301. I See: Passion
  302. My Generation: Own it
  303. My Generation
  304. We Are____, Week 8 - His Friends
  305. Feed on God
  306. Transforming Fire of Accountability
  307. Train in Secret
  308. Into the Wild
  309. Blessed are the Pure in Heart
  310. Persistence United Continous
  311. Anybody in There? : Praying to an Active God
  312. Light up the World
  313. Secondhand Jesus
  314. The Invitation
  315. Orphans, Slaves, or Sons
  316. The Story of the Basement
  317. Heartwork
  318. Lead Like Moses
  319. Secondhand Jesus
  320. Beyond a Football Smile
  321. Light up the World
  322. Changed to Make a Difference
  323. God's Will for Your Life
  324. Where do you find joy?
  325. Orphans, Slaves, or Sons
  326. Let God Use You
  327. The Mission of the Lamb
  328. Swing for the Fences
  329. Tears
  330. 2009 Light of Salvation Tour
  331. Uncertainty
  332. 7 More Heartbreakers
  333. Marinating
  334. Cut the Drama
  335. Possessions
  336. He Hears Us
  337. Praying Church
  338. Almost Persuaded
  339. Torn
  340. King of the Bull
  341. Asleep in the Light
  342. Depth
  343. Not My Life
  344. Shun it
  345. Perseverance
  346. Prayer Myths
  347. What Jesus wants from you
  348. Look Who's Laughing Now
  349. A Decade from Now
  350. No Regrets
  351. From Fear to an Encounter
  352. Epic Christianity
  353. Master's Intent
  354. God is Crazy About You
  355. Jesus is Awesome
  356. Paralyzed by the Ordinary
  357. Master's Intent
  358. What's Your Secret?
  359. Wholehearted for God
  360. Made to be Adventurers
  361. Not later...Now
  362. Jesus is Awesome
  363. A Decade From Now
  364. Cravings
  365. God is Everything
  366. No Regrets
  367. Wholehearted for God
  368. Made to be Adventurers
  369. Master's Intent
  370. Jesus is Awesome
  371. Glorious Church
  372. 168 Hours
  373. More Than a Reputation
  374. Heaven
  375. Single and Pure
  376. Perfect Father
  377. I Want to Know Christ
  378. The Narrow Way
  379. Love Starts Now
  380. Darkness to Light
  381. Love Gives All
  382. Delete
  383. Introducing the Desperation Leadership Academy (DLA)
  384. Only A Goat?
  385. His Glorious Kindness
  386. Take, Take, Take It ALL
  387. Activating Our Dormant Healing Conviction
  388. Living the Vow: desperate pursuit
  389. Wholly Living: a hint towards a holy life
  390. Diligent Prayer
  391. Your Mind Matters
  392. Avoiding evil
  393. Planting Churches That Transform Culture
  394. Fire Shut Up In My Bones
  395. Overcoming or Overwhelming (Leaders Session)
  396. Making Disciples (Leaders Session)
  397. Making Your College Years a Success
  398. Have Yourself A 'Holy' Little Christmas Break
  399. Butterfly in Brazil
  400. Storm the Gates '07 - Tour Recap (video)
  401. Storm the Gates '07 - St. Joseph, MO (video)
  402. Storm the Gates '07 - Warren, MI (video)
  403. Storm the Gates '07 - Quad Cities (video)
  404. Storm the Gates '07 - Sioux Falls, SD (video)
  405. Storm the Gates '07 - Olatha, KS (video)
  406. Are You a Great Lover?
  407. The Furnace Fall Retreat 2007 (Video)
  408. Prayer Matters 2
  409. Prayer Matters
  410. Youth Worship with Jon Egan and Jeremiah Parks
  411. He is Coming
  412. Fulfilling Your Destiny
  413. Fractions
  414. What's It To You? (video)
  415. What's It To You?
  416. Don't Lose Heart
  417. READY, SET.....wait
  418. Are We Not Dreamers?
  419. The Vow
  420. Be Holy
  421. My Story
  422. Desperation 2007 - Friday Morning Women's Session
  423. Fighting Like David
  424. Wasted
  425. The Jesus Tribe
  426. Steady Youth Ministry: Beyond the Hype?
  427. Reaching college/20somethings
  428. Baby Talk
  429. Commissioned
  430. In The Furnace
  431. What If I Stumble? What If I Fall?
  432. God's Soft Spot
  433. Crying Aloud for Revelation
  434. The Jealous God
  435. The Unfathomable God
  436. Remain In My Love
  437. Christ In You
  438. Where the ACTION is REALLY at!
  439. The Blood of the Lamb
  440. Overcome: Kill The Devil
  441. DSM: Misfits: Chasing Cool

DSM: Get In The Game: The Joy Of Sacrifice
David Perkins
Oct 19, 2011
All of us are tempted to sit on the sidelines when it comes to our faith, but God desires for each of us to to be active. In this series, you will be challenged to pursue God while serving others, connecting within campus groups, and reaching your school. So, don't lean back on the bleachers...get in the game!