Other messages in:
Worship, Connect, Serve

  1. Worship, Connect, Serve: Why Worship?

Other messages in:
Beauty From Ashes

  1. Beauty From Ashes: Light
  2. Beauty From Ashes: Joy From A Stump
  3. Beauty From Ashes: Advent Week 2
  4. Beauty From Ashes: Agony, Ecstasy, and the Waiting in Between

Other messages in:

  1. Beloved: Concluding Remarks: Keep Yourselves From Idols
  2. Beloved: Discerning the Spirits
  3. Beloved: "His Seed Remains In You..."
  4. Beloved: This Stuff Is Concrete...
  5. Beloved: Walking As Jesus Walked
  6. Beloved: Walking In The Light

Other messages in:
Addicted To Busy

  1. Addicted To Busy: Circles of Quiet Within The Clamor of Evil
  2. Addicted To Busy: Sabbath: Anticipating Deep Shalom
  3. Addicted To Busy: Holiness in Time

Other messages in:
Q&A 2014

  1. Q&A: Week 2
  2. Q&A: Week 1

Other messages in:
Holy Words

  1. Holy Words: A Law of Love
  2. Holy Words: Yes and Amen
  3. Holy Words: The Subterranean Love of God
  4. Holy Words: Slow Beauty Covenanting in an Idolatrous World
  5. Holy Words: You Have Stayed At This Mountain Long Enough...
  6. Holy Words: Rehearse These Words

Other messages in:
God At Work

  1. God At Work: Job One
  2. God At Work: The Toil and Joy of Work
  3. Guest Speaker: Pete Greig: How To Waste Your Time With God

Other messages in:
Peculiar People

  1. Peculiar People: A Safe Place In A Dangerous World
  2. Peculiar People: Apocalypse Now
  3. Peculiar People: Learning to Live at Risk

Other messages in:

  1. Lent Week 5: Significance of Suffering: Journey With Jesus to The Cross
  2. Lent Week 4: Life In The Fast Lane
  3. Lent Week 3: A Fast That's Pleasing to the Lord
  4. Lent Week 2: The Temptations of Jesus
  5. Lent Week 1: Lamenting The Gaps
  6. Lent: God is Coming Your Way
  7. Lent: Remember, and Don't You Dare Forget

Other messages in:
The Divine Chapters

  1. The Divine Chapters: Transfiguring Prayer
  2. The Divine Chapters: What Should I Do?
  3. The Divine Chapters: The Two Shall Become One Flesh: A Talk About Sex
  4. The Divine Chapters: A Calling To Follow Jesus
  5. The Divine Chapters: A Theology of Work
  6. The Divine Chapters: Laying Foundation
  7. The Divine Chapters: Living Well Is An Art Form

Other messages in:
The Saints

  1. The Saints: Francis
  2. The Saints: The Sacraments of the Saints
  3. The Saints: Prodding Us Toward Faithfulness
  4. The Saints: Guess What: You're One of Them

Other messages in:
Surprised By Joy

  1. Surprised By Joy Session 4: Routines That Lead to Joy
  2. Surprised By Joy Session 3: Is Joy Realistic?
  3. Surprised By Joy Session 2: Panim- Finding Joy in Being Face to Face
  4. Surprised By Joy Session 1: God Is A Fundamentally Happy Being

Other messages in:
Dinner Groups

  1. Dinner Groups: Week 2
  2. Dinner Groups: Week 1

Other messages in:
The King's Speech

  1. The King's Speech: Building a Life that Lasts
  2. The King's Speech: Fruit, The Great Consequence of Abiding
  3. The King's Speech: The Two Paths
  4. The King's Speech: Life-Giving Judgment
  5. The King's Speech: No Worries
  6. The King's Speech: Treasures In Heaven
  7. The King's Speech: When You Fast
  8. The Lord's Prayer: Making our Home in God
  9. If Your Eye Causes You to Sin
  10. The King's Speech: Walking Out of the Prison of Anger
  11. The King's Speech: An Internalized Righteousness, An External Change
  12. The King's Speech: The Way The World Finds God
  13. The King's Speech: The Beautitudes
  14. The King's Speech: The Kind of King We're Working With

Other messages in:
Q & A

  1. Q&A: Continued
  2. Q&A: Lust
  3. Q&A: Week Two
  4. Q&A: Week One
  5. Q&A Week 2
  6. Q&A Week 1
  7. Q&A Week 2
  8. Q&A Week 1
  9. Q & A - Part II - September 2009
  10. Q & A - Part I - September 2009
  11. Q & A - Part II - May 2008
  12. Q & A - Part I - May 2008
  13. Q & A - Part II - The Holy Spirit - August 2007
  14. Q & A - Part I - August 2007
  15. Q & A - Part II - March 2007
  16. Q & A - Part I - March 2007

Other messages in:
Resurrection Stories

  1. Living With The Flaps Up
  2. Resurrection Stories: The God Who Just Keeps Coming
  3. Resurrection Stories: The God of the Resurrection

Other messages in:
Good Friday

  1. Good Friday
  2. Good Friday

Other messages in:
Listen Up

  1. Listen Up: Let Another Man's Lips Praise You
  2. Listen Up: Some Assembly Required
  3. Listen Up: Four Deaths
  4. Listen Up: A Good Name
  5. Listen Up: The Great Communal Project

Other messages in:

  1. Prayer: Giving Your Words To God
  2. Prayer: Ear, Hand, Mouth
  3. Prayer: Jesus is Praying For You

Other messages in:
Advent 2012

  1. Advent Week 3: A Candle in the Cave
  2. Advent Week 1: Believing

Other messages in:
Fall Retreat: Pillars

  1. theMILL Fall Retreat: Pillars: Communion
  2. theMILL Fall Retreat: Pillars: Baptism
  3. theMILL Fall Retreat: Pillars: The Lord's Prayer
  4. theMILL Fall Retreat: Pillars: Creed

Other messages in:

  1. Ephesians Week 8: Wrapping It Up
  2. Ephesians Week 7: Imitating God
  3. Ephesians Week 6: Putting Off and Putting On
  4. Ephesians Week 5: A Worthy Life
  5. Ephesians Week 4: Paul's Passionate Prayer
  6. Ephesians Week 3: The Mystery and The Mandate
  7. Ephesians Week 2: From The Outside Moving Inward
  8. Ephesians Week 1: From The Center Moving Outward

Other messages in:

  1. Church: Home
  2. Church: Following God on His Terms
  3. Church: A House Where Things Happen

Other messages in:
Between Two Worlds

  1. Between Two Worlds: The Real Easter
  2. Between Two Worlds: Lent and the Adventure of Repentance
  3. Between Two Worlds: Killing the Beast of Envy
  4. Between Two Worlds: A Fast That Pleases God
  5. Between Two Worlds: Learning to Limp

Other messages in:
Let's Eat

  1. The Lord's Table: Orthodoxy, Orthopraxy, and the Dinner Table
  2. The Lord's Table: Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Other messages in:

  1. Give: The Not-So-Absent Jesus
  2. Give: An Exploration of The Prince of Peace
  3. Give: Cultural Disentanglement
  4. Give
  5. GIVE: Compelled by Love
  6. GIVE: is it really better?
  7. GIVE: marked by God

Other messages in:

  1. Go: A Kingdom of Priests
  2. Go: Downward Mobility
  3. Go: The Great Commission: A fast transaction or a slow transformation?
  4. Go: Nero's Dead, King Jesus Reigns!
  5. Go: What's your vision?
  6. Go:are you a world Christian?
  7. Go: no spectators allowed

Other messages in:
People Of God

  1. theMILL Fall Retreat: People Of God: Out of the Kiddie Pool
  2. theMILL Fall Retreat: People Of God: Community Formation: The Rules of Plate Tectonics
  3. theMILL Fall Retreat: People Of God: Grafted to the People of God
  4. theMILL Fall Retreat: People Of God: A Peculiar People

Other messages in:
Hanging In The Balance

  1. Hanging In The Balance: Hospitality Taken Seriously
  2. Hanging In The Balance: Grace-Driven Effort
  3. Hanging In The Balance: Living What We're Saying

Other messages in:
Getting To Know You

  1. Getting To Know You: Part Three
  2. Getting To Know You: Part Two

Other messages in:

  1. Interrupted: The Bigger Story
  2. Interrupted: The Universal Equalizer
  3. Interrupted: Follow Me
  4. Interrupted: New Questions

Other messages in:
Warning Signs

  1. Warning Signs: The Girl With The Little Pink Bunny

Other messages in:
The College Adventure Handbook

  1. The College Adventure Handbook, Part 2
  2. The College Adventure Handbook, Part 1

Other messages in:

  1. Pneuma: Not About You
  2. Pneuma: Weird But True
  3. Pneuma: Yes Please
  4. Pneuma: Mystery With A Purpose
  5. Pneuma: Holy Who?
  6. Pneuma: Better

Other messages in:

  1. Worship: Bring It All
  2. Worship: All Together Now
  3. Worship: Luckbearer
  4. Worship: Less me... More God.

Other messages in:

  1. CoEd: Men Only
  2. CoEd
  3. CO-ED: brace yourself like a man
  4. CO-ED: you're worth dying for
  5. CO-ED: man up
  6. CO-ED: ladies first

Other messages in:

  1. Reckless: Who will you be?
  2. Reckless: Just As Lost
  3. Reckless: Wake Up

Other messages in:

  1. Filter: Alone or Together
  2. Filter: Me or Jesus?
  3. Filter: Wise or Foolish?
  4. Filter: Lazy or Thoughtful?

Other messages in:

  1. Colossians (11): Personal but Not Private
  2. Colossians (10): Because I Must
  3. Colossians (9): Marked by Christ
  4. Colossians (8): Get Dressed
  5. Colossians (7): Renovate Your Mind
  6. Colossians (6): Don't Chase Shadows
  7. Colossians (5): Nothing More, Nothing Less
  8. Colossians (4): 3 Words That Change Everything
  9. Colossians (3): from, through, to
  10. Colossians (2): God-Shaped Prayers
  11. Colossians (1): Trust The Invisible

Other messages in:
Life Fall Retreat

  1. Life Fall Retreat: Sunday Morning
  2. Life Fall Retreat: Saturday Night
  3. Life Fall Retreat: Breakout: Aaron Wagner
  4. Life Fall Retreat: Breakout: Matt Morgan
  5. Life Fall Retreat: Breakout: Jossie Stern and Erin Meadows
  6. Life Fall Retreat: Saturday Morning
  7. Life Fall Retreat: Friday Night

Other messages in:

  1. STORY: love (2)
  2. STORY: love
  3. STORY: faith (2)
  4. STORY: faith

Other messages in:
The Word Of God

  1. The Word Of God: Jesus
  2. The Word Of God: The Bible

Other messages in:

  1. Ordinary: Missions
  2. Ordinary: God isn't Here...or is He?
  3. Ordinary: Pineapples, Puffs and Mums

Other messages in:
I Am

  1. I Am... Jealous
  2. I Am... Sanctifier
  3. I Am... Peace
  4. I Am... Father
  5. I Am... the I AM

Other messages in:

  1. Ten: The UnEnforceable Command
  2. Ten: Kill The Hum
  3. Ten: Take Off The Pressure
  4. Ten: All Fruit Starts With a Seed
  5. Ten: The Heart of a Killer
  6. Ten: Mom and Dad and a Long Life
  7. Ten: Stop, Remember and Be Free
  8. Ten: So Much More Than OMG
  9. Ten: Thou Shalt Not Dumb God Down
  10. Ten: Thou Shalt Close The Idol Factory

Other messages in:
The Secret Life of the Christian Twentysomething

  1. Secret Life: Secret Giving
  2. Secret Life: Secret Fasting
  3. Secret Life: Secret Prayer

Other messages in:
Fall Retreat: Belong

  1. BELONG: The Kingdom BELONGS to You
  2. BELONG: We BELONG to each other
  3. BELONG: Sticks and Stones
  4. BELONG: Building a Bible-centered Community
  5. BELONG: Elephant X-ing
  6. BELONG: You BELONG to God

Other messages in:
I Do

  1. I Do: Sex, Sex and More Sex
  2. I Do: You Aren't a Natural
  3. I Do: I Do Is Easy
  4. I Do: Selfishness or Sacrament

Other messages in:

  1. Jimmy: Have Patience
  2. Jimmy: Friend of The World or Friend of God?
  3. Jimmy: Watch Your Mouth
  4. Jimmy: No Favorites
  5. Jimmy: Grow Up

Other messages in:
Secondhand Jesus

  1. Secondhand Jesus, Pt 2: God is Pleased With My Goodness
  2. Secondhand Jesus: God Can Be Added To a List of Loyalties

Other messages in:

  1. Success: Retire
  2. Success: Relinquish
  3. SUCCESS: ReDefine
  4. SUCCESS: Rethink

Other messages in:

  1. CLOSER: Week 2
  2. CLOSER: Week 1

Other messages in:

  1. CO-ED: Guys
  2. CO-ED: Girls

Other messages in:
Death & All His Friends

  1. Death & All His Friends: The Conclusion of the Matter
  2. Death & All His Friends: Wrath
  3. Death & All His Friends: Lust
  4. Death & All His Friends: Sloth
  5. Death & All His Friends: Greed
  6. Death & All His Friends: Gluttony
  7. Death & All His Friends: Envy
  8. Death & All His Friends: Pride
  9. Death & All His Friends: Call It What It Is

Other messages in:

  1. MAN IN THE MIDDLE: lead
  2. MAN IN THE MIDDLE: miracles
  4. MAN IN THE MIDDLE: need
  5. MAN IN THE MIDDLE: kingdom

Other messages in:

  1. BAGGAGE: always unpacking
  2. BAGGAGE: the F word
  3. BAGGAGE: identify
  4. BAGGAGE: claim it

Other messages in:

  1. I LIKE CHURCH: walk, become, develop
  2. I LIKE CHURCH: what matters
  3. I LIKE CHURCH: all in
  4. I LIKE CHURCH: in the beginning
  5. I LIKE CHURCH: it's not an organization

Other messages in:

  1. TRUE COLORS: God at work
  2. TRUE COLORS: are we there yet?
  3. TRUE COLORS: hello, my name is...
  4. TRUE COLORS: a new you

Other messages in:

  1. UNEXPECTED: it will turn out
  2. UNEXPECTED: the universal equalizer
  3. UNEXPECTED: living a broken life
  4. UNEXPECTED: stop the spinning
  5. UNEXPECTED: ugly packages... amazing gifts
  6. UNEXPECTED: expect it

Other messages in:

  1. HEART, MIND, SOUL: love starts now
  2. HEART, MIND, SOUL: love gives all

Other messages in:

  1. RESONATE: let worship rock and justice roll
  2. RESONATE: through the valley
  3. RESONATE: sustaining a life of worship
  4. RESONATE: so, what's stopping you?

Other messages in:

  1. IN GOD WE TRUST: the wrong question
  2. IN GOD WE TRUST: where did it all go?
  3. IN GOD WE TRUST: first or leftovers?
  4. IN GOD WE TRUST: your heart is on the line

Other messages in:

  1. FAME: invest your life
  2. FAME: one way
  3. FAME: everyone is called

Other messages in:

  1. THIRSTY: Get Out of The House
  2. THIRSTY: The Real Thing
  3. THIRSTY: God Only Knows
  4. THIRSTY: Thirsty for You

Other messages in:

  1. WHAT'S YOUR SECRET? : He Overcame
  2. WHAT'S YOUR SECRET? : a promise that can't deliver
  3. WHAT'S YOUR SECRET? : break the cycle
  4. WHAT'S YOUR SECRET? : next step

Give: The Not-So-Absent Jesus
Dec 16, 2011
What is Christmas-time truly about? Around us we see the hustle of consumerism, advertisement, and gain, all in the name of gift-giving and cheer. Is this a season to amass things and get what we need for the next year? Or is it possible that we?ve lost the full understanding of what this Advent season is all about? Journey with us this December as we seek to understand the deep-rooted meaning of this season. Let's learn how to be those that are yearning for the Messiah?s appearing while looking for opportunities to care for those in need right in front of us.