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Senior Pastor

Brady Boyd

Senior Pastor

Executive Team

(Listed Alphabetically)

Brad Baker

Executive Pastor, New Life KIDs

Jon Egan

Executive Pastor, Worship

Daniel Grothe

Executive Pastor, New Life FRIDAY NIGHT

David Grothe

Executive Pastor, Marriage & Family and Pastoral Care

Yvette Maher

Executive Pastor, Community and Women's

Garvin McCarrell

Pastor, Senior Executive

Brian Newberg

Executive Pastor, Business Administration

Glenn Packiam

Lead Pastor, New Life DOWNTOWN

Church Elders

(Listed Alphabetically)

Paul Ballantyne

Elder Emeritus

Brady Boyd

Senior Pastor

Sam Cameron

Brad Fallentine

David Hardesty

Garvin McCarrell

Pastor, Senior Executive

Tim Middlebrook

Brian Newberg

Executive Pastor, Business Administration

Glenn Packiam

Lead Pastor, New Life DOWNTOWN

Scott Palmer

Larry Yonker

Adult Ministry

(Listed Alphabetically)

Matthew Ayers

Pastor & Director, Dream Centers

Melissa Baker

Michelle Barden

Executive Assistant

Heather Bonney

Local Ministry Director

Pam Boyd

Pastor, Women's Ministries

Julia Brierton

Kings University

Abby Burley

Worship Director

Rachel Chen

Pastor Chinese Church

Lance Coles

Pastor : Groups

Victoria Dudek

The Mill Sunday School Administrator & New Life Friday Night Operations

Becky Grothe

Pastor, Membership & Guest Relations

Sue Harrelson

Assistant Director, New Life Next

Stephanie Henderson

Pastor, Staff Development and Pastoral Care

Riaan Heyns

Pastor, Outreach

Breanna Hicks

Outreach Administrative Assistant

Gabe Jenkins

Men's Pastor

Joey Jimenez

Associate Pastor, New Life Downtown

Christine King

Pastor : Congregational Care

Dr. Joe Kirkendall

Pastor, theMILL (College/20-Somethings), Associate Pastor, New Life FRIDAY NIGHT

Jeff Kozyra

Pastor, Restoration Ministries

Christina Leal

Associate Pastor, Restoration Ministries

Shawn Leonard

Kortnee McCarthy

Operations & Party Coordinator

Adam Meliski

Associate Pastor, New Life FRIDAY NIGHT

Brooke Mikulas

Administrator/Operations Director

Kelly Morgan

Administrative Assistant-Marriage/Family

Jeremiah Parks

Pastor : Community

Jon Plotner

Pastor : Sections

Joan Qesteri

Evan Reedall

Associate Pastor, New Life Downtown

Shayne Stuart

Administrative Assistant Restoration Ministries

Christine Sundquist

Restoration Training Director

Matthew Tisthammer

Associate Pastor, New Life Friday Night

Dr. Steven Todd

Director, King's University

Steven Todd

Director The Kings University- Colorado

Beth Vaccaro

Dream Team Director

Todd Valdois

Mel Waters

Associate Pastor, Pastoral Care

Colen Willis

Chaplain, Military Ministry Pastor


(Listed Alphabetically)

Kassandra Anderson

Resource Coordinator

Shannon Baer

Assistant Director of Operations

Brad Baker

Executive Pastor, New Life KIDs

Laurie Bennett

NLK Kinder & Curriculum Coordinator

Jacey Caldwell

Classroom Creative Communications Coordinator

Josh Caldwell

Worship Coordinator

Samantha Fugate

Elementary Special Needs Coordinator

Steve Herron

Executive Assistant

Trina Hoosier

Director of Operations

Alison Lovato

Mid-Week Coordinator

Holly Newman

NLK123 Coordinator

Lauren Rouse

Children's Pastor, New Life Downtown

Evie Swart

Assistant Director of Classrooms

Jenifer Velasquez

Events Coordinator

Administrative Team

(Listed Alphabetically)

Damon Bailey

Director, Hospitality

Brittony Buesing


Thomas DePaulo


Litza Doryland

Executive Assistant for Brian Newberg

April Dunson

Human Resources Admin Assistant

Belicia Duran

Reservations Assistant

Jeff Forrest

Director, Information Technology

Amy Geske

Accounting Assistant

Brianna Giles

Reservations Assistant

Joanna Harding

Executive Administrative Assistant

Renai Herron

Bookstore Manager

Christina Hurst

Events Care Team

Michele Idle

Data Entry

Susan Karr

IT Technical Assistant

Jeff Kowell

Director, Life Safety

David Leal


Denise Learie

Director, Human Resources

Kathy Lucia

Assistant to HR Director

Bill MacKirdy

Director, Accounting

Mark Mason

Senior Accounting Manager

Wesley Oliver

Events Care Teaments Care Team

Jacob Person

Events Care Team

Seth Pikaart

Grounds Care Tech

Michelle Porter

Executive Assistant/Data Management

Linda Radosevich


Danny Rodrigues

Hospitality- Events Team Leader

Antonio Rodriguez


Steven Shannen

Events Care Team

Dennis Smalling

Maintenance Care Technician

Peter Valkonen


Emily Webb


Desperation Team

(Listed Alphabetically)

Brandon Cormier

Pastor, Desperation Student Ministries (DSM)

Octavia Cormier

DSM Womens Director

Caleb Culver

Worship Department Director & DLA School of Worship Director

Shelby Lavergne

DSM Administrator

Amy Perkins

Associate Pastor, Women of Desperation Leadership Academy (DLA)

Dan Perkins

Pastor, Desperation Leadership Academy (DLA)

Abree Thornock

DSM Administrator

Buckie Thornock

Desperation National Events Coordinator

Creative Arts Team

(Listed Alphabetically)

Anna Decker

Graphic Designer

Tim Dumais

Video Director

Evan Duran

Chief Audio Engineer

Matthew Fallentine

Pastor, Worship Operations

Jared Henderson


Lindsay Henderson

Worship Administrator

Scott LeBeau

Sean McCarthy

Art Director

Jonathan Moos

Assistant Band Director

Kevin Morehouse

Director, Technical Arts

Rebecca Morehouse

A/V Tech-Administrative Assistant

Sean Morehouse

Lighting Technician

Zach Newberg

Web Director

David Samuel

A/V Tech-Audio Technician A2

Jessica Soccorsi

Creative/Communications Director