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Matthew Ayers
Pastor & Director, Dream Centers


Matthew Ayers is the Executive Director of Dream Centers of Colorado Springs, an independent nonprofit devoted to bringing health and hope to the most vulnerable people in Colorado Springs, helping them to rebuild their dreams. One outreach of New Life Church is to keep Matthew on staff and send him out full-time to lead the Dream Centers locally.

He loves people and is passionate about their unique stories. He desires that communities experience health holistically as they develop a culture and lifestyle of serving. He helps his local church plan missional strategies including justice and community development initiatives through indigenous leadership in 35 countries. He also oversees the local ministry expression of our fellowship. Matthew is a Washington State native and a graduate of USAFA, Georgia College & State University and Fuller Theological Seminary.

He enjoys travel, reading, the beautiful outdoors, and music. You might catch him adventure racing or with an Americano in hand at a local cafe.

Experience some recent messages by Matthew:

Breakout Session 2: Courage to Kill the Status Quo - Matthew Ayers
Tuesday Sep 23, 2014 - 03:30 PM

This session is for every pastor who wants to ignite a culture of passion for God that spills out into missional lifestyles. We will describe the current challenges of local mission, and offer an alternative path, through courageous communication, to identify and embrace our roles, overcome all obstacles, and create a culture of self-sacrificial service.

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Sexuality And The Bible - Part 3: Homosexuality - Matthew Ayers
Sunday Jun 15, 2014 - 08:37 PM

Matthew talks about biblical and cultural perspectives on homosexuality.

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Arriving, Pt. 12: - Matthew Ayers
Sunday Aug 4, 2013 - 10:00 AM

The origins of the "Kingdom of God" concepts so important to Jesus are rooted in the prophetic ministry of Old Testament prophets, especially Isaiah. In these prophetic passages, Pastor Matthew Ayers (Director of the Dream Centers of Colorado Springs) helps us discover that the ideas of salvation, righteousness/justice, peace, joy, God's presence, healing, and return from exile aren't simply New Testament concepts, but traditional Jewish ideas that are fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom that he ushers in. These marks of the Kingdom of God are also the very ideas that help us receive God's grace to confront worry and live in freedom.

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