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Church doesn’t have to feel like “church”

Several years ago, Ron Nebinger was riding around the Springs on his motorcycle. He passed that big church with the blue roof and said to himself, “One day, I’m going to go inside. Ron, we’re so glad you did! Here’s … Continue reading

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Waiting on God

Now we know you’re all fine, upstanding, patient Christians who NEVER struggle with waiting on God. But just in case you know someone who needs help in this area, Mary Faulkner has some advice. You know, for your friend.

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Tell us your story!

Got a great story of what God is doing in your life? Want to share news about your small group with the world? Having a birthday, anniversary or other special event? Have a question for one of our pastors? Email … Continue reading

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Ken Otterby

Ken was addicted to heroin and on the verge of suicide when he came to New Life Church about month ago in a last-ditch effort to get help. Tell us your story! Comment here or email

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Sam Cranford, on why he volunteers at NLC

What’s your story? Send it to

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Who I am – Cyndi Baker’s story

My life began in 1968, when a married father raped his children’s teen-age babysitter in the family car.
The teen, scared and confused, is told she’s a slut – and worse – and that she’s brought shame on the family. Her mother and grandmother repeatedly try at-home methods to abort the baby, but the pregnancy persists.
So at 16, the girl is forced to marry a boy she’s dated that the family has accused of being the father. That’s how my “family” got started. Continue reading

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No such thing as an ordinary Sunday

Read Pastor Brady’s latest blog post here: and tell us YOUR story!

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Send us your stories!

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?
This site is all about you, your family, your friends, your church your life, and what God is doing in it.
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