Mark Stegall – Praising God as part of New Life’s worship team

You can’t miss Mark on Sunday mornings. He plays the Hammond B3 organ (I didn’t even know we HAD an organ) and his enthusiasm and pure joy when he’s playing with the band is contagious. Here’s a little bit from Mark about why he loves being part of the worship team at New Life.

Mark, thank you for all you do. Not just for bringing the house down, but sharing your awesome heart with us every week!

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One Response to Mark Stegall – Praising God as part of New Life’s worship team

  1. Traci Biles says:

    Mark, I’ve told you this before, but I’ll tell the world here too…you were the first guy I ever saw on the stage my very first time I attended New Life with my husband. You had long blonde hair then and you were directing the choir and just jumping ALL over the place! You were rockin it out and swinging your hair around and you were truly PRAISING GOD! I loved your energy then and still do! I do miss the long hair though! Keep up the great work. Your smile is contagious as is your Godly attitude and your love of the Lord Jesus. Blessings Mark!

    -Traci Biles

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