Send us your stories!

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

Did God answer your prayer? Have you been physically healed? Experienced a financial breakthrough? Seen a relationship restored? Do you have the world’s most incredible small group? Or did you meet a new friend on Sunday morning and make a great new connection? Or maybe you’ve just experienced Christ’s love for the first time and want to share it with the world.

We want to hear about it!

This site is all about you, your family, your friends, your church your life, and what God is doing in it.

We’re accepting contributions for New Life Stories in the following categories:

Stories: We want to hear your stories of what God is doing in your life, from the simple to the profound, the serious to the funny and everything in between! Photos and videos are encouraged!

Events: Tell us about an upcoming church-related event that’s open for others to attend, or post your pictures and stories from recent past events at New Life Church.

Groups: Is your small group the best thing ever? Want others to join the fun? Post pictures, videos, invites and more and spread the word about your small group.

Celebrations: Let others share in the joy of family birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms and other milestones!

Ask the Pastor: Do you have a burning question that you’ve always wanted to ask Pastor Brady or another pastor on staff? Bring it on. We will post your question and the answers from our staff here.

Bulletin board: Have something you don’t need? Need something you don’t have? Have a job to fill? Need a job? Consider the bulletin board your church classifieds.

A tiny bit of not-so-fine print: You can email your contributions to Please keep video submissions to 60 seconds or less. If you can go ahead and post your video on YouTube and send us the link, that would just be the bomb-diggity. All written submissions should be 400 words or less and must include your real name, email address and telephone number. We will not post your email address or phone number, but we need to be able to reach you in case we have questions.

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2 Responses to Send us your stories!

  1. Angela =^) says:

    The mere fact that this post includes the word “bomb-diggity” makes it so way beyond super cool. I mean, I better upload something to youtube and send you the link so I, too, can be described by such a powerful term.

  2. astreater says:

    Angela you’re always the bomb diggity. But yes, please post some videos sharing what God is doing in your life, along with tales of your general awesomeness!

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