Church doesn’t have to feel like “church”

Several years ago, Ron Nebinger was riding around the Springs on his motorcycle. He passed that big church with the blue roof and said to himself, “One day, I’m going to go inside.

Ron, we’re so glad you did!

Here’s his story:

This is basically about the overall feeling that myself and I’m sure everyone else there feels everytime we walk into the Living Room up there.  It’s a beautiful, indescribable feeling. I first walked into New Life in  July, ’08 and cannot describe the feeling of contentment and general overall peace I felt.  Almost like walking into your Grandparents home. Since that day, my life has been incredibly peaceful and full of blessings. Stressful moments just don’t seem that serious.  A life of clarity just seemed to start.  I’m very serious here and incredibly blessed to be able to write this and to share this story with friends and family.  I do pray that others are able to witness something similar in their lives. We get so much out of not only Sunday mornings there,  but also the small
groups, prayer meetings, friendships, and general fellowship centered around New Life.  In a life filled with uncertainties, it is a blessing to be able to find a place such as New Life and the people there.  A true miracle.

-Ron Nebinger

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