The power of a story

When you’re struggling and praying for breakthrough, healing, a miracle, forgiveness or even simply understanding, the power of God can feel like it’s a long way off. We understand.

God’s ways are not our ways. Sometimes there is a wait. Sometimes relief comes only after days, weeks, months or even years of prayer, hard work and sweat. We understand.

Sometimes, you need encouragement. You need proof that it is possible. You need a friend, a hug, someone praying for you, someone in your corner. And sometimes you just need a laugh. Again, we understand. At New Life Church, we’re here to Worship, Connect and Serve. Specifically, we’re here to help you worship God, connect with other believers and find your place of service in God’s great kingdom. We’re not here to toot our own horns or showcase how great we are, we’re here to showcase how great He is, because we serve a great God who heals, delivers and answers prayers every day.

He wants to do that for you too.

So we’re telling stories. Stories of healing, answered prayer, relationships, transformational groups. Big stories of mountains moved and small stories of incremental progress. Because they are all important and they are all encouraging.

We think God is pretty awesome. And we think the people of New Life Church are pretty awesome, too. But stories of God’s greatness aren’t limited to the Bible, and great testimonies aren’t just shared by pastors on Sunday morning. God is doing His greatest work right now, through you. And by sharing your stories and by hearing and reading about other people’s stories, the ultimate story of God’s greatness and His willingness to heal us all can fully be understood.

In Mark 5, Jesus delivered a man who was being plagued by many demons. After he was healed, he wanted to hop in the boat and take off with Jesus. (Well, wouldn’t you?) But Jesus gave him a different instruction. He told the newly healed man to “Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.” (v. 19)

Jesus knew that if that man hopped in the boat and kept his story to himself, others would miss out on hearing what the Lord had done. Don’t keep your story to yourself. Share it so others can be encouraged to keep praying and keep trying. Share it with the world so others know that God’s love is not just some stories in the Bible, it’s alive today and it is here for us all.

Share your story:

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