WORSHIP TEAM ACADEMY is a "classroom and worship band" musician training experience. Students learn to play an instrument, apply what they learn to select worship songs, and then play those songs with a peer group worship band.

Level 100 training is designed for those with no prior music experience while Levels 200 and 300 builds upon the lessons of Level 100 to add to the student's growing musical skill.

Initially developed by Gateway Church in Southlake, TX, NLWTA is offered in a semester system - 10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the spring. Classes are 60 minutes each and include class piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar (Level 300 only), bass guitar, and drums.

Cost is $100 per semester per student; family discounts are available. For more information, contact Jillian Lynn

Information & Parent Orientation, August 7th, 6:30p, World Prayer Center Classes Begin August 14th, 2018

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