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New Life Student Ministries aims to love every student and family that walks through the doors. Our heart is to connect with students in a candid way and help them foster a meaningful relationship with Jesus and leaders who can love and support them along the way.

Our hope is to provide a Safe environment for students to Worship, Connect, and Serve.

While Christ is the cornerstone and foundation on which everything is built, parents are the pastors, leaders, counselors, comforters, security, prayer warriors, and support to make this ministry work. We understand the challenges that exist and recognize that not all students come from a healthy home environment. No matter what the home environment is like, we know that nobody can do this alone. As a parent, New Life is a place you can expect to both give and receive. As a church body, we are able to become spiritual moms and dads to students, share stories and collective wisdom, and in our weakness we gain strength from one another.

Our weekly worship times:


Junior High (6th-8th)

When: Sunday Mornings, 11:00am
Where: The Tent

High School (9th-12th)

When: Wednesday Nights, 7:00pm
Where: The Tent
*High School will join their families and worship with the congregation for First Wednesday services.



Upcoming Events

Apr 3
First Wednesday
Apr 7
New Life Next
APR 20
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Dr. Michelle Anthony

Executive Pastor: Family Ministries

Tim Shepard

Pastor: Student Ministries

Chase Windebank

Associate Student Ministries Pastor: Student Leadership

Victor Mendoza

Student Ministries Director: Discipleship

Nicki Welty

Director of Operations: Desperation Student Ministries

Catherine Gerstenberg

Family Ministries Jr. High Assistant


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