Services Provided

 Audio Visual Technician (A/V Tech)

  1. An A/V Technician will be assigned to your event and will be available during your wedding rehearsal and wedding ceremony
  2. An AV Technician can be hired to support you reception at $50/hour. This is required for receptions in the Tent, unless you bring in a DJ. It is not required for receptions in Student Chapel or Room 107
    • Our A/V Technicians will not act as a DJ or a MC for your reception
    • Computer access in any room requires a technician. If you bring your own computer you can plug into the VGA cable provided as no technician is needed.
  3. You are required to provide any video elements (sideshow, video, PowerPoint, etc.) on DVD at least one week prior to the wedding date
  4. You are required to provide your own music, on Ipod or CD. It is your responsibility to make sure the CD works in a standard CD player
  5. You are responsible for arranging your own musicians
  6. If lighting needs to go above and beyond what is already in the room, you may call Mountain Lighting (303.572.9700) or Colorado Event Lighting (303.800.1357)
  7. Depending on your needs, additional A/V Tech fees may apply
  8. Moving the drums in the Tent, Prayer Room, or Student Chapel is not permitted and will result in the forfeit of your security deposit
    • A/V Tech will not move the drums in the Tent, Prayer Room, or Student Chapel


  1. Hospitality will setup and tear down tables and chairs, maintain the facility during your event, and take care of trash removal, floors, and vacuuming. They will not be available for setup or tear down of personal belongings, food and dishes, rental items, pipe and drape, linens, or any decorations.
    • If you rented the linens through New Life Church, they will need to be gathered together and put in a pile somewhere in the room.
  2. Please turn in a diagram and setup count to the Reservations Coordinator 1 week prior to your wedding.


  1. Outside catering is permitted.
  2. You are welcome to bring in your own food.
    • If you do, you are responsible for providing your own serving platters, utensils, dishes, coffee makers, punch bowls, etc.
  3. Alcohol is not permitted.
  4. Red punch is not permitted.